Thursday, July 19, 2007


MW turned 36 today. If you see him, give him a hug. He likes hugs.

In other news... No pics yet, but wait'll you see what I just built up. She's purdy...

Have a great day!


Bruce Brown said...

I'm freakin' jealous you got a new Dos!

You are guaranteed to be faster on the Orange Peelz than the Very Verde Green - I just know it.

Can't wait to see the pictures of the new build.

MG said...

thanks bruce. i just hope to be as fast as i was on the new bike as i was on 'ol greenie. that bike and i got along very well.

the good news is that all signs point to my new dos being the same type of performer. i'm pretty surprised at how much difference the stiffer downtube made however... getting the new frame on my local trails, where i have a distinct impression of my old bike still, reveals that the effort salsa went to to design that new downtube was well worth it.

part of me misses the little bit of flex the green dos had though. i come from the school of thought that says a little strategically placed flex isn't a bad thing, and my years riding for klein in many ways crystalized my thinking there.

i like a little looser, more fun handling than the no-flex klein/cannondale style of ride. you can see it in the bikes i choose to ride too... the new dos is by no means too stiff. it still has a pleasingly springy, alive feel. it's still a dos. in some ways, it's stiffer in the front triangle, like the original (lighter green) dos, but with the benefits of the dropped TT and x-tra tire clearance of the verde frame wrapped into one big orange package. i like it. i like it a lot.

pics in a moment... thanks again bruce.


mw said...

hey this post is for me!

thanks. i do like hugs. i like to feel ribs press against one another and bend in a good long hug.

shouse gives a meaty hug. so do you mg.

MG said...

yeah, i know what you're talkin' about dub... good tight hugs are the best.