Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tuesday night's the night...

The Rebel Alliance was in the house Tuesday night, and the force was strong. Photo: CVO

Eatin' a Luna bar with EP on the EP bridge. It must be nice having a bridge named after you. But then sweat equity has to count for something, right?! I got the opportunity to ride behind Eric as he pedaled MW's fixxie Soulcraft for the first time, and he was totally flowing through the Wilderness singletrack on it right from the start. Amazing... The concept of riding fixxie off-road just blows my mind. Photo: CVO

What 'er you lookin' at?! CVO and JP trying hard to look bad ass, while -JB, Millhouse and I stare off into space. Must've been a good thought... Photo: CVO

Somebody stick a fork in me, 'cuz I'm COOKED -- Riding back to town after ripping back through the park in the midst of an incredible Nebraska sunset. Photo: CVO

Good trails and great friends make for fun times. Thanks to everyone that ventured out for the Tuesday night ride this week.

Have a great day!


3p0 said...

one of the best ones this year so far for me...

I can't wait for 7 days to pass...

something tells me this weekend will be more of the same,

see ya friday night buddy

MG said...

oh yeah... we're gonna' have fun this weekend! i'll be kickin' it 'old style' friday night, if you know what i mean...

thanks cvo,

redstone said...

We need to get to Lincoln for a Tuesday ride sometime this summer.

We rode Lion Gulch on our Tuesday Ride here. 3 flats at the top ensured riding out in near dark. Um, that was fun.

MG said...

... um, i bet that was sketchy! glad to hear you survived.

it's too bad you're not going to be here friday night dave. we're gonna' be having your kind of fun.