Thursday, July 19, 2007

Orange Crush... The New Dos Niner.

Here are those pictures you asked for Bruce... :-}

After giving a ton of thought as to whether I should go with a Mamasita or a new Dos Niner, I decided that my fifth Salsa would be a Dos. For the longer distance races I'm getting into lately, the Dos is the perfect combination of speed, weight and smoothness... for me at least!

Who knew two years ago when I purchased it that this King headset would match this bike so perfectly? Not I.

The whole bike shot... Isn't she lovely? Cue the Stevie Wonder...
Niiiiiice paint...

Dos #3 for MG -- When you find something that works, stick with it.

Tubes? We don't need no stinking tubes... The new Maxxis CrossMark 29x2.1, also new.

If you're jonesin' to bolster your daily orange intake with a new Dos Niner of your own, give the cool cats at Monkey Wrench Cycles a call. They can hook you up.



Bruce Brown said...

Looks sweet! Hey, now you match those THOR t-shirts.

You know me and color coordination with a Salsa bike.

If she was mine, I would suggest to...

...get a black seatpost, black disc rim on the front (to match the rear) and a black saddle - then I would be content with the color scheme of the new Orange Peelz.

But that's just me. Can you say Oury orange grips? :-) Mmmmmmm.

Congrats on your 5th bowl of Salsa. You'll be easier to spot out on the trail now as you fly by Aaron and Cam!

monkeygirl said...

its pretty...Pretty Awesome, enjoy.

gravy said...

Quick! Someone get a fire extinguisher for that bike! It looks en fuego!

MG said...

damn bruce... you nailed it. thanks for the thoughts. i was thinking of the black seatpost too. and you're right -- you are the King of color coordination. your bike always looks clean and tight.

the rim will be taken care of soon. there's a black delgado race rim and a new wtb hub just waiting to get built, and i got my new box of 293mm dt 15g spokes yesterday. combine that with the fact that my wife is out of town this weekend, and clearly it's wheel building time!

on the grips, i just noticed the other day that salsa's doing my favorite grip (their lock-on juegos de fuegos) in red, which is the color of the lettering on the frame... i like black though, if simply because it never looks dirty, and i run my grips until they're absolutely thrashed, so black hides the fact that they could be 50-percent gone (with the black plastic core showing through).

as much as i love their look, i just can't handle the thickness and slippage you get with oury grips. i used to run 'em back in the pre-suspension days (using spray paint to bond them to the handlebars) but now they just seem like mushy overkill for me. that said, i respect the rights of others such as yourself who choose to oury it up. choice is good...

btw - my rationale on the silver post was 1) it's what i have, and 2) it offsets (diagonally) the silver fork. also, the pinstriping on the frame is silver. perhaps my stem needs to be silver instead? hmmm....

"...flying by aaron and cam!" as much as i'd love to witness that happening, either i'm gonna have to get a lot faster, or they're gonna have to get a lot slower for that to become reality. but that said, one of the things i love most about bicycle racing is that every dog has his day... every time i toe the line, i think to myself "is today the day?"

and it's a very beautiful and satisfying thing to be able to look back on a great race and answer that question with a resounding "YES!"

have a great weekend. thanks to both of you for your comments!


MG said...

si senior... ;-}

thirtyfourtwenty said...

bring that sumbitch on out here!!

mw said...

nice looking bike matt.
that orange is a nice deep color.

mw said...

how wide is that tire really?
is it tall?
i'll hopefully see it soon enough eh?

MG said...

hahaha... i hope to soon butch.

MG said...

mw -- good riding with you tonight. the tire sidewall says its a 52/52, but my tape measure says it's a 55/55. the outermost knob edge and the fattest part of the casing are pretty much the same width. and you're right, it is pretty tall in the sidewall for its width. i'm running 30psi tubeless and it seems like enough, even on the rear. it feels like i could go lower actually.

see ya' out at branched oak in the am tomorrow. be safe riding out at 5am.