Monday, July 23, 2007

A Nice Way to Start the Week...

Malcolm man takes advantage of 'home course' in mountain bike event
By Tommy Dahlk / Lincoln Journal Star
Monday, Jul 23, 2007 - 12:08:30 am CDT
Photo: Gwyneth Roberts/Lincoln Journal Star

The Hardware... Photo by me.


debaser said...

Nice Matt!

Maybe you need a new bike before every race? You should talk to the Salsa guys about that...

MG said...

Thanks Bryan -- I'm lucky enough as it is. No need to get greedy... but that said, riding a new bike is always fun and does carry some inherent inspiration.

Hey, congratulations on getting another shot published in this month's Dirt Rag!! I got goosebumps when I saw that. Daverill has to be stoked at his new found stardom too.


Beerorkid said...

nice job. Cool photo and article.

Bruce Brown said...

Hey, hey - the new bike works!

Congrats and way to ride that new Orange Peelz Dos.

MG said...

Thanks guys!

Bruce, you'll be happy to learn that I've finally built that new front wheel with the Delgado Race disc rim, so my wheels now match.

Oh, and I also put the black seatpost on the 'peeler, per your recommendation. And you're right -- it looks better with both a black stem and post. Unfortunately, now the stem/post on the El Mariachi don't match... and so it goes.

redstone said...

take that, beeeatches!

MG said...

lol... dave, you're funny.

KEV said...

nice race Matt, and that a realy cool bike.
what night do you guys ride Wilderness?
I want to get a few omaha guys to come down and ride, and maybe have some beers and pizza afterwards.

MG said...

hey kevin -- thanks for the message, and the kind words on the new dos. if wilderness is rideable, we pretty much always hit it tuesday nights. we meet at monkey wrench cycles in downtown lincoln between 6-6:15pm and leave in the 6:15-6:25pm range.

you guys should definitely try to make it down sometime soon.


KEV said...

I plan on heading down next Tuesday. Sent e-mail off to the club to try and get a full van, and will post somthing on MTB omaha also. Send me a e-mail or post somthing on your bolg if it's ridable or not.