Monday, April 05, 2010

My 20th Mountain Bike Racing Season Kicks Off...

MG givin' it all she's got at the Jewell Park MTB Time Trial. Photo: Heather Wolff

While I can't say that I'm absolutely ecstatic about my 14th place finish Saturday at the Jewell Park MTB time trial, I also can't say I'm totally surprised either. The 19 minute effort is really not well-suited to my current strengths as a racer, but I gave it my best shot anyway and had a great time doing it. Oh, and I did it on my Fargo to-boot. That was awesome, because that bike rips through the tight trees at Jewell!

Man, we've got some guys going fast around here right now... It's pretty cool to see. I guess it means I'd better go home and build me up a new titanium El Mariachi so that I can be more competitive, 'eh?!! Good thing my new frame came in today! :-)

Have a good night,


Guitar Ted said...

WooHoo! I talked to Jason today and heard the good news! I bet the wrenches are turning right now in the Gersib Bike Den!

Good show on the time trial. I hear ya on the short effort stuff. I was never any good at that either, but the long haul, well. That's more my thing too. Different motors for different things, ya know? It's all good my Brother!

I'll be in the Twin Cities eyeballin' the new steel rig Wednesday. Can't wait to check that out!

Take care! see ya soon.

Steve Fuller said...

Time trialing a Fargo... Only you MG. :) Congrats on the Ti ElMar. Excited to see how the final build turns out on it.

MG said...

Thanks guys. Yeah, I'm very excited. Ironically though, I was so spent after getting home from work and the bike shop last night that I pretty much had to go straight to bed. The good news is I got 11 hours of sleep last night. The bad news is I still have a bike to build.

G-Ted, I heard about your exclusive 'sneak peek' on Wednesday... Man, you're super lucky! I haven't even seen the prototypes of that bike, so you're seeing stuff I've never even come close to laying eyes on! But that said, I'm eager to start pedaling one of those new steel frames as my SS rig soon.

And back to the race at Jewell for a final word... Even though I wasn't shockingly fast, I know there are a few things I could have done to be faster, but when I think about it, being as fast as possible really wasn't my goal. If it were, I probably would have shown up early enough to pre-ride the course. 'Nuff said. But I did succeed in having a lot of fun, not embarrassing myself and hanging with my good buddies on an absolutely beautiful day. And I will not apologize at all for doing any of that successfully. :-) It was awesome!

Thanks for the comments, guys. I'll talk to you both soon. Guitar Ted, have a great trip up to MPLS. Give Jason a big bear hug for me.


paxtoncoyote said...

SWEET pic of the Fargo ripping through the woods, I can't wait! I'll still be on the km ss this weekend for the Potter's Pasture spring campout, hope no snow this time but like you said, I'll be hanging with friends, riding bikes & MAYBE drinking a few beers, it will be GOOD!

MG said...

Oh man... I totally forgot about the campout this weekend! I need to post that up on the blog!! Dang it... I knew I forgot something. ;-) I guess it's been busy around here, 'eh?

I'm looking forward to seeing your Fargo build-up, Bergen... That bike is gonna' be sweet for the type of riding you do. I want to get out there for some gravel and Potter's riding with you all too. Not sure if it'll be this weekend, but if I can, I certainly will.

Thanks for the reminder!!


paxtoncoyote said...

MG, I actually jumped the gun,the Potter's campout is the weekend of the 17-18th & NOT this weekend, guess I got excited thinking about riding bikes, camping & enjoying frosty beverages around a fire!

Let folks know & come on down if you can make it, I believe it will be held at the Ballyhoo campsite allowing much more room for all.

MG said...

Funny... It'd actually work better if it was this weekend for me, as I've got a race in Missouri on Sunday and have a friend coming into town on Saturday of the 17th/18th weekend. So it looks like I'm gonna' be out for the spring campout this year, sadly... Oh well. I'll make it out for one of 'em sooner or later.

Thanks for the update, Matt.