Friday, December 11, 2009

Going Big... Salsa Serves Up the El Mariachi in Ti.

My favorite hardtail - the Salsa El Mariachi - will be available soon in the magic metal, titanium. Count me in! Photo: Salsa Cycles.

Salsa's been pretty cagey in what it's had up its sleeve for next season, but the lid got blown off the candy jar a couple of days ago by a post on and subsequent revelations on the Salsa Amigos blog. Long-story-short, the big news (for today) is a titanium, geared-specific version of the awesome El Mariachi 29-inch off-road frame.

Isn't she lovely... Photo: Salsa Cycles.

There aren't many details at this point, but you can see from the photos that the tubeset is nicely manipulated, graphics are classic and subtle and as you'd expect, the details (such as downtube/suspension fork clearance) appear to be well-sorted. And in conversations with Salsa's folks during the bike's development, it's clear they were taking their time, sweating the details. They didn't rush this beauty to market... That much will be clear, I think, when we see the finished product.

So until more details are released (which reportedly will be soon), let's just enjoy the photos and revel in the fact that there's now a sweet new option for big wheel riders with a gold metal addiction!

I know it's the bike I'll be astride for a lot of races in 2010... What? You didn't think I'd be able to resist putting one of these into my quiver, did you? Heh heh heh... My order's already in.

Have a great weekend,


paxtoncoyote said...

you'll be flyin' on that thing MG, pure bike lust there for sure, I hope my son don't see this anytime soon as he just bought the cross bike he raced on in Lincoln & he'd have to sell his Jeep to cover this one!

Steve Fuller said...

I'm going to call that an unfair competitive advantage for you MG. You really need something in lead ;)

Jason said...

I can't wait!

MG said...

LOL... What's really sweet is that there are exciting things happening next year at more affordable prices in Salsa's line too, so even if a Ti El Mariachi isn't in Lane's future, perhaps a sweet new steel one might be. Just wait 'til you see what they've got up their sleeves for that bike when the next iteration hits... But that said, the current generation is certainly no slouch. It's the bike I ride most often right now, especially.

I can't wait either... It's gonna' be good.

RD said...

nice what's the geo on this compared to ridgeline

MG said...

It's totally different... Look at the geo chart for a current steel El Mariachi, and there you go. The Ti El Mariachi is essentially a geometric clone to the steel bike. There was no reason to change what was essentially a perfect handling bike.

Thanks Rafal,