Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here it Is Again... One of Those "Never Say Never" Moments...

I always do this... Whenever I say I'm "never" going to do something, I always end up eating my words. I'm not even going to run thorough my long history of "nevers," because for anyone that knows me, they'll know this one is a wing dinger...

I'm selling my Bontrager Ti Lite.

It's definitely something I said I'd never do, and until Salsa decided to develop the El Mariachi in titanium, I wasn't even considering it. But the tipping point has arrived... I have to face the reality that I am a 29-inch wheel rider now and focus my resources there. To have such an incredible bicycle as this Ti Lite sitting pristine and unused borders on a crime. It's potential has never been fully realized. It's been sitting unridden for almost three full years now, since I built my green El Mariachi in March of 2007.

This bike is the definition of great handling in a 26-inch hardtail.

Details: It was built in 1996. It's a 19-inch, size large. The frame was built by Sandvik/TST. The bike includes a very special fork. The crown is a special Bontrager reduced-offset crown that RockShox made for Keith Bontrager during the 95-96 Judy era. The fork itself is a Y2k RockShox Sid SL (which use the same diameter/spacing as the Judy did, so the Sid stanctions went right into the Bontrager crown... An excellent way to get a fresh fork while preserving Bontrager's intended handling.

The bike's drivetrain is set up 1x8, with a SRAM Rocket shifter (trigger-style) shifting a Shimano Ultegra rear derailleur across a 12x32 XTR cassette. The wheelset uses Shimano Deore XT hubs laced to a Mavic 221 rim in the rear and a Bontrager Red Label rim in the front (the stock front wheel). I built the rear wheel and it has at most five rides on it. Both wheels are true, round and evenly tensioned. Tires are Intense -- a Cross Country 2.25 in the front and a System 2 2.0 in the rear. The crankset is a RaceFace Evolve DH with a single 36t Salsa chainring and a sweet stainless steel TMCO/Monkey Wrench Cycles chainguard. Thomson 27.0mm seatpost w/WTB SST saddle. Salsa stem w/Answer ProTaper 2-inch rise bar. Deore XT V-brakes w/KoolStop pads and Avid Speed Dial 2.0 levers. Ergon E1 grips.

Interested in getting yourself a great new titanium hardtail? One that's at once a piece of history, yet is as relevant and great handling today as it was the day it was built. Well then, get a hold of me. This Bontrager Ti Lite just might be what you're looking for. I still can't believe I'm selling it...

Quick edit: I'm also willing to part with just the frame/fork/headset/seatpost and stem. Since it's a 1-inch steerer, doing the frame and fork thing at least is the best way to go, and the 27.0 seatpost is a somewhat non-standard size, so I'll include that with the frameset as well.

Please contact me at dirtstories at if you're interested in learning more.

Thank you!


Guitar Ted said...

Whoa! I saw that bike and it is sweet. Really, and I do like Bontrager 26"ers. (My last 26"er was a '95 Santa Cruz built Race model)

Someone is going to score a killer ride. I can't believe you are doing it either, but believe me, I can certainly understand why!

Take care Brother!

redstone said...

I just sold my Paramount for the very same reasons. Sad but not sad. You know.

MG said...

Thanks Guys... Guitar Ted, the one Bontrager I'm keeping around is my blue Race... the one that re-introduced me to steel while I was still riding for the House of Trek back in the summer of 1997. My Race was built in the summer of 1996 actually, in one of the first runs with the one-piece (non-stepped) seatstay design. Its history with me guarantees its place in my stable. It isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

That said, there's another bike in my stable that I'm contemplating putting up for sale that it just alarms me to no end to think about the prospect of selling... But knowing what's coming up next season, I just might have to do it. Someone's gonna' get lucky... That's all I'm sayin'. I'm not looking to make a lot of money. I just need to get a little cash back out of it so that I can buy some bike parts. That's the deal...

Like you said Dave -- sad, but not sad. Well said. Everybody will win in the end if we do it right, and hopefully I'll sell it to a friend who is close enough to me that I'll be able to see the bike occasionally. That's how it's happened with the last two bikes I've sold (which have both gone to the same person -- a good friend).

Thanks guys. Hope both of you have a Merry Christmas!


MG said...

Dave: does that mean you're also getting a Ti El Mariachi?

paxtoncoyote said...

Sweet ride, you sure that shouldn't go to Crested Butte to be archived forever?

I too have a bike I should part with, a pristine 79/80 circa Torker bmx conplete with Haro brake lever, plate & Oakley grips, always been stored inside & it's got all the blue anodized components, came from Mr. Bike on "O" St back in my bmx days.

Perhaps one of these days I'll find my dream frame/fork for sale & will jump on it & sell the old Torker to cover that.

I'll never return to 26" wheels let alone 20" wheels!

Steve Fuller said...

MG, I'm not sure my wife will let me buy another bike from you. ;)

redstone - I have a Paramount I'm looking to unload. 56-ish cm frame. If you have people that were interested and were that size, I'd be happy to talk to them.

MG said...

LOL... Steve, I totally understand if Kathy isn't in the mood to let you go on this one. We'll find a home for it. Don't worry... But if you do want it, I'd be stoked for you to have it. Don't let me dissuade you from considering it. That said, I don't want you to think you have to buy every frame I put up for sale! ;-) There's been quite a bit of interest shown already, actually.

Hope your Christmas was awesome, and that your New Years celebration is safe and fun.


Carp said...

I sold mine 2 years ago (don't tell Seiler he'd be pissed.)

MG said...

Funny, Carp... I won't tell if you don't. :-) I know the guy that bought my frameset is super stoked!