Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weather's Lookin' Good For This Weekend...

I was just out on NOAA's Lincoln weather page and saw that, despite a chance of rain Friday that might dump a bit of dampness on the Branched Oak Area 7 race course, this weekend's 12-hour MTB race should be rockin'. Race promoter, Jim Craig and I have been talkin' and we think this moisture we've had will set the course up just right. It was pretty dry coming into this week, so the rain should be just what the Dr. ordered.

Looks like it'll be a great weekend to race bicycles off-road in Nebraska! Hope to see you out there at the race. For full race details, visit the Branched Oak 12-Hour Relay page on the Angry Cow Adventures Website.

Hope your Bike to Work week is going super, too. I'm three for three. This morning was a bit damp because I wanted to ride the Fargo in, but I got 'er done without making too much of a mess. ;-)



Biker Bob said...

Hey MG... good luck this weekend. I'll be taking the weekend off from racing so my wife can do some scrapbooking (her turn to play).

On the gift card. Just grab some misc low cost stuff that might be handy for people just starting to bike commute. I'm going to hand it out to the people here at work that are commuting by bike. EXAMPLES: Tube repair patches, water bottles, socks, reflective straps, tire levers. Whatever fits in under $20. You can just give that to a Bike Master team member if any show up at the 12 hour, or give it to a Bike Masters team member at the L&C race (I'll be missing that one as well). No hurry either.

mw said...

full rain gear for me yesterday with my clothes in a dry bag. over did it, but that rain at 4am had me worried about getting soaked.

MG said...

Thanks for gettin' in touch with me on that gift card, Bob. I can definitely get you hooked up with $20 worth of commuter "stuff" -- no problem. I'll get that done next time I'm in at the shop.

MW, that's funny... You and I went the opposite directions. You went full-on disaster mode, while I just put on some black pants so the splatters didn't show up too badly. I also knew I didn't have any client meetings yesterday, so there wasn't much to do on that end that I had to look ultra super for... You know me.

Hey, good luck at Gravel Conspiracy on Saturday. Sorry I won't be able to make it down there with you guys but I'm gonna' stay up here and do Jim's 12-hour... it'll be a good time too. Rock all night at the B.O.

mw said...

i have a feeling you might see us show up in the middle of the night.

Steve Fuller said...

have fun this weekend MG. I'm headed to Rochester for the Almanzo 100

MG said...

That'd be super cool, mw. I'd love to see ya'. I'm not gonna' have any sort of support crew, so any encouragement would be very much appreciated. It's not like a 12-hour race will be tougher than T.I. was, and we didn't have any support crew out there. I'm not worried... I'm rested, my bike's ready, my light's charged, I have food... I rolled through Wilderness last night and it was super sweet, so I suspect B.O. is similar. We'll see what this rain brings, but I bet it'll be OK, regardless. Good luck down in KS.

Steve, good luck at the Almanzo 100. Say hi to Rob Versteegth with Oakley if you see him there. He's gonna' be down there racin' too.