Friday, May 08, 2009

Byways for Bicycles

"Byways for Bicycles" -- in the May issue of The Prairie Fire newspaper. Read it online at


Beerorkid said...

very informative thanks

MG said...

My pleasure, good buddy. For some reason, the online version doesn't include photo credits (the printed edition does, however), but I wanted to mention that the photo of the Mopac trail in the article is courtesy of our friend, Jason Ortiz --

Anonymous said...

very nice piece matt, the cowboy trail will be a fun little tour.

MG said...

Thanks Jeff -- That'd be a fun one to do as a two-day out and back Fargo, wouldn't it? Take the tents, stoves, beer, all that... I can see it now.

Mmmm... Beer. Only a few hours 'til 5pm.

Hope y'all brought rain gear for the ride home tonight!


jim craig said...

Great article Matt. I'll throw this on my web site. Looks like the weather might be good for the 12 Hour. Little rain beforehand so we can beat it in.

MG said...

Thanks Jim! Yeah, I was just thinking the rain might just be a good deal for the course conditions come the weekend... It'll be just what we need to take a big eraser to the bumps in the prairie section. Perfecto!!

Things are lookin' good!! I'm looking forward to racing this weekend.. Look for more on that subject in a post to-come, hopefully later today.

Thanks again Jim. See you Saturday, if not sooner.