Friday, May 08, 2009

Finish Line

Finish Line, originally uploaded by k.steudel.

Matt Gersib finishing Trans Iowa (Photo: k. steudel)


Guitar Ted said...

Ahh! The lucky number does it again!

Congrats my friend!

MG said...

Yes it does! Thanks again, Guitar Ted. I actually raced my mountain bike today out at Platte River State Park... The 3-hour "Marathon" class. (ahem... 3-hour? marathon?? really??!!) It was fun at least and the folks from Cycle Works who put it on are awesome. Cornbread rocked it -- you knew that he would after last week. I actually was able to slide into second place, after peeling the last of my TransIowa scabs off of my ass just this morning. Talk about special stuff... That's one for the keepsakes.

Anyway, I was stoked that they gave me number 321 when I signed up this morning, so the whole "lucky 32" thing is continuing! And this is the number plate I get to keep for the entire season for Psycowpath/Nebraska races... Sweet!!!

It's how it's meant to be, I guess.

Thanks for checkin' in, good buddy!