Wednesday, May 06, 2009

TransIowa v.5 Official Results Are In...

... From the TransIowa Blog, 05/04/09:

Trans Iowa V5 is in the books. First off, here is the results with times..

1st- Joe Meiser 24r, 52min

2nd- (tie) Dave Pramann/Tim Ek 24hr, 52min

3rd- (tie) Jason Novak/Travis Braun (1st SS/Fixed) 27hr, 10min

4th- Matt Braun (2nd SS/Fixed) 27hr, 13min

5th- B.J. Bass (3rd SS/Fixed) 28hr, 53min

6th- Charlie Farrow 31hr, 18min

7th- Andy Stockman (4th SS/Fixed) 31hr, 18min

8th- Matt Gersib 31hr, 30min

9th- (tie) Ben Shockey(5th SS/Fixed*)/Matt Wills (5th SS/Fixed)

10th- (tie) Jeremy Fry/George Vargas 31hr, 58min

11th- Paul Jacobson 32 hr

*Note: Ben Shockey is the second fixie rider to ever finish a Trans Iowa event.

Check back for a brief synopsis later on this site and a full blown, detailed report soon on Guitar Ted Productions.

(MG note: This was out of 52 starters -- that's some serious attrition!!)


cvo said...

good job again dude.

MG said...

Thanks brother... Lookin' forward to seeing you soon.