Friday, November 14, 2008

The Big Mama Has Landed...

You can probably guess where I'm at... hard at work in the basement, building a new bike!!! Pics to come as soon as she's done. I can hardly wait!!!

Thanks to Jason Boucher at Salsa Cycles for getting me on the fast-track to one of these hot new frames. I haven't seen too many people talking about their new Big Mamas yet, other than the lucky few who were on the Sol Sessions... ;-) Thanks again.

Have a great weekend!


CQ said...

MG , I want a BIG MAMA !!!!! Shes all I been thinking of since I saw the Interbike pics. Please head for Potters so I can at least see one in person !!! 60s on Sunday so Llama & I will be hittin the trails !! You guys should join us soon.


GNAT said...

Oh man I wish I could go. I told MG today its time I ride a squishy bike again.

gravy said...

That's an interesting rear susp.

How does it feel?

MG said...

Hey CQ, Sorry I didn't make it out to ride with you guys this weekend. It was a pretty busy one back here, but I'd love to get out to Potters with you guys yet this year, so let's definitely try to hook it up. I'd love to get you an opportunity to give the Big Mama a spin.

Gravy, look for my review elsewhere, but in short, it's feelin' awesome so far. Super responsive under pedaling, yet has plenty of sweet travel to soak up the bumps. It's exactly what I've been waiting for.