Saturday, November 15, 2008

3:20am -- Ding ding... Big Mama's Done

Oh yeah... It's super sweet. It took me all night and right on into Saturday morning, but my new Big Mama is finally built. I took my time, even though the parts group is comprised of a somewhat interim selection, due to my desire to ride it immediately combined with the fact that I don't yet have all the new parts I need to build it with its own parts. As a results, it's wearing parts from the Dos and both of the El Mariachis. Both El Ms survived, but the Dos is temporarily out of action while I finish collecting parts.

Okay... While you enjoy pictures, I must sleep. Cheers!


GNAT said...

Well....You beat me getting it together. Mine will be done sometime next week.

Have fun riding it this weekend. Hope you like it! ;)

Joe Fox said...

Very sweet Ride. I'd like to get one in the near future. I hope to make it up next weekend for the NE cross races. Then all my focus is on TI5. Talk to you soon.

mw said...


didn't expect to see that together.

nice work.

riding tomorrow around 2ish.

Jason said...

NICE! Every time I think I've let go of the idea of Big Mama I see pics like these!! If I was doing more of the Solo stuff this coming year, I'd be on it!! Can't wait to hear your impressions.

Josh said...

Pretty sweet rig, let us know how she rides.

Bruce Brown said...

Oh my - nice Big Mama there MG.

Now, you know me - Matt. My style points aside, I think a black fork (the new Reba Team) would look really sharp with the black rocker, black crankset, black headset, black rear shock, black seatpost, stem etc.. on the Big Mama frame. And, of course, black rims to match. ;-)

How's it ride in the Nebraska wind?

Guitar Ted said...

Great job MG! I think you are really going to dig that Big Mama!

Can't wait to hear your ride reports.

Thanks for the chat the other day! Sorry that I had to cut it short, but my five year old son can be pretty persistent when it comes to my time!

Talk at ya again soon! Ride On!

MG said...

Thanks guys... Jason, MW, I went to town on it late into the night. It paid off too. I got an awesome ride in on it Saturday. I raced 'cross today so it just got showed off today, but that was fun too. ;-)

Bruce, you had me laughin' with your color coordination. Unfortunately, the fact is that I've got what I've got on the fork deal. That fork has been waiting all season for the Big Mama frame to arrive, truth be told.

The initial ride report is coming, but in short, it's incredible... everything I expected and imagined it'd be. It's efficient pedaling and plush, yet totally connected to the ground. You feel exactly what the contact patches of both tires are doing... very communicative. Plus, and this is perhaps the best and most surprising part for a full suspension bike, it totally ups the ante as far as lateral stiffness goes, well beyond any 29er I've yet owned, of any material. It's amazingly accurate in corners as a result... eye openingly accurate. I am very stoked...

Look for a complete review, with video and pics soon.

Guitar Ted, it was great to talk to you Friday as well... I understand and defer to your unique demands completely! It's just cool that you were able to take the time you did to chat. Thanks a lot!


Hope you all had a great weekend.