Monday, May 19, 2008

Platte River Rocked...

Here's the overall top-five... The only surprise here is that Darin Schlake wasn't in it. Blisters on his hands were the culprit -- he ran strong for most of the race. I've got a few of those hand blisters myself today... Ouch!!!

Ridin' steel to earn even more precious metal -- My El Mariachi was awesome Sunday. I thought I might regret puttling out the hardtail for 12 laps/6 hours of Platte, but this bike proved my choice was a good one. It handled beautifully. I was stoked to see so many people on Salsas at the race too! Schlake made the debut of his new Mamasita, and man, did it look sweet! Martin was on his Mamasita. Millhouse, Fob and I were on matching El Mariachis, and there were at least a couple of blue El Mariachis out there too. Oh, and how could I forget, Emily was there on her Dos Niner. It was like a reunion of the Nebraska arm of the Salsa Amigos! Only a few marquee members were missing (paging Mr. Woodman...).

THANK YOUs go out to:
  • My sponsors: Salsa Cycles, Monkey Wrench Cycles, Oakley
  • Kris, Julie and the Cycle Works/Moose's Tooth crew -- you guys put on an awesome event -- thank you!
  • Brock, Dock, Avey, Cornbread, Damon and all the other volunteers that helped out with the race -- thank you!
  • Jesse "The Body" Petersen -- Platte doesn't get any better than it was Sunday, and that's due in large part to your handiwork and leadership. Thank you!!


millhouse said...

Awesome result MG! Thanks for all the encouragement out on the course. You were flying.

gNAT said...

Congrats MG. Wish I could have been there too.

Here's to miles and miles of single track.

Guitar Ted said...

Nice job mg! Sounds like it was a fun time too. Can't wait to hit some more dirt myself. But first.................gravel! :>)

See you soon in Kansas!

MG said...

Thanks guys!

Millhouse, that was awesome seeing you out there. You were rippin' it. Keep it up!

Gnat, I'm lookin' forward to riding with you at the Ballyhoo in late-June. We'll get our miles and miles of singletrack in there. How's that sound?

And Guitar Ted, I'll see you soon. We'll get our gravel groove on, then we'll use the fitness from that to rip it with our good buddy Gnat at the Ballyhoo. It'll all work out perfectly...

After a highly suspicious start, this season is coming together very nicely indeed! Thanks again for the kind words, my friends.


Oscar said...

That was my blue El Mar you flew by at warp speed. Just trying to pay my dues so I can get fast like you (okay, not that fast, but faster). Nice race.

Harp said...

Nice Race. Sorry to get in your way when I stopped and you ran into me. You came up on me a lot faster than I expected and I didn't move fast enough. You were flying and I was having a rough time then.

cvo said...

good job buddy,

congrats way to ride.

looks like you were having a good time man.

MG said...

Hey Robb -- Sweet! I was hoping to be able to put a name with that blue El Mariachi! Thanks for the intro. You hang out with Millhouse, right? Hopefully we'll all be able to hook up for a ride together soon. Maybe this weekend at the Branched Oak 12-Hour??? JP and I are gonna' do a Duo team, but I suspect we're not gonna' be doing much "racing". It's going to be a much more casual affair, I suspect... At least it's gonna' be much more casual for me. I hope Jesse's not disappointed in me.

Hey Harp -- I think we were both 'in the zone' as they say, so no harm, no foul. I'm sorry too, though, for what it's worth. I certainly didn't mean to hit you like I did -- that's for sure! I hope you had fun out there at least!!! :-)

Thanks CVO! We missed ya' buddy... It wasn't the same without you there, but I'm sure you were having your fun!


bminks said...

good job at the race mg.
the first time you came past me you seemed to be off the pace abit but the second time you were cookin. your laps must have been gettin faster.
congrats again on a great finish

MG said...

thanks brandon -- you were rippin' it up out there too brother!


greasyknuckles said...

hey good work on the second place there buddy, nice riding. Don't forget that schlake was there on the Salsa, if you mentioned this i'm an idiot and didn't see.

but seriously, nice job. and we all know i've only got 5 laps xc style in me, i opted for other things that day.

all for now

MG said...

Thanks Nate -- It's funny, because if you'd have ever asked me if I'd be able to ride 12 laps of Platte before I actually did it, I'd have told you "HELL NO!" But after doing it, I have to say that it's surprisingly do-able. Not that I'd want to do it again tomorrow, but it can be done. And I know you -- you can do it too. It's just mind over matter. I had to really want those 11th and 12th laps, and I had to attack 'em. Ask JP how I attacked the 11th lap - I was goin' for it! I didn't have a choice! That's part of what made it so sweet...

Thanks again, good buddy.