Friday, May 16, 2008

Platte River Battle Royale Marathon is This Weekend...

Tuesday afternoon at Platte. Yeah, I had to get a sneak peek... And lemme tell ya' -- it's good.

Six hours of Platte River goodness awaits us Sunday at 10am. Time to get the game face on... You can get the full skinny on the race on the Nebraska Cycling Website.

It's gonna' be the red El Mariachi for me this weekend. After a successful recon mission Tuesday, it proved to be rippin' in the flowy Platte singletrack. Sweet!

Hope to see lots of you out there this weekend.



millhouse said...

I'll be there. Here's to no mechanical problems.

gNAT said...

Sweet. Two guys on red EM's. I still don't have one, but I just might have one soon.

Good luck guys. Thanks for flying the Salsa colors!

MG said...

Thanks Gnat. We know your spirit will be with us, good buddy. Hopefully some of your flowin' style will rub of on us too!

See you out there Millhouse. Good luck, my friend.


MG said...

Oh, and we'll have Woodman and Fob on their red El Ms too, so there will be at least four out there on the race course Sunday too. They're gonna' be EVERYWHERE!!! ;-)

Guitar Ted said...

Good luck mg! Just wanted to say that I picked up a Superior Blue El Mar just recently. Can't wait to build her up!

Here's to fast flowy single track and big bug eatin' grins!

Rage on!

EB said...

nice, you're killing that trail as i type.
wish i could be there

MG said...

Congratulations Guitar Ted! That's gonna' be a sweet ride for you. I look forward to catching up with you soon -- we've got lots to talk about. And thanks for the good wishes on the race. They worked, as EB pointed out... I ended up finishing second overall to super-stud Cam Kirkpatrick -- not a bad day at all!

Thanks again!