Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Platte River Battle Royale Coverage -- from

Cornbread caught me ridin' and smilin' heading into 001 on the first lap. That's eventual race winner Cam Kirkpatrick (Rasmussen Cyclery/Orbea) on my wheel. When he went, I had no match for his wings. I just had to hang with my "steady pace wins the race" theory. At least it was good enough for second place!

Ryan Feagan posted a nice write up of the Platte River marathon on Nebraska Cycling News today -- Read the complete coverage on

Thanks Ryan, and congratulations to everyone who participated in the race Sunday. Regardless of whether you completed two or ten laps, it was a great day to get out and spread the love of cycling and the outdoors with a bunch of good buddies!



Rasmussen Bike Shop said...

Nice job Matt! Riding the wheels of the local knowledge (you, JP and Darin) was among the best times that I've had on a mountain bike. Gave me an even greater appreciation for Platte River SP!


mw said...

nice work matt.

tooting my own horn here, but notice where i would have placed in the overall!

also notice where roxy would have placed in the overall!

MG said...

No joke dub... Toot away. Heck, I'll toot it for ya'! You were awesome! You'd have been in sixth place overall! No, make that seventh... Roxz had sixth overall! Sweet! That's awesome! She was flying!!! You both were flying! Shit dude, you were on a singlespeed and you did ten laps -- that's IRON! Hard as FUCK!

Good show, old chap!

Cam, I appreciate the kind words, my friend. It was fun to be able to get to ride with you for as many laps as we did before things broke up. What'd we get, like five laps together before things started coming apart? That was amazing!!

I look forward to the next time we get to ride or race together.


Cornbread said...

Well done Matts!

MG said...

Thanks Cornbread. It would have been awesome to have you out there racing with us, but I very much appreciate that you volunteered your time to help put the race on, and also appreciated all your cheers and support along the course during the race! It really helped get me through some rough spots.

Thanks again brother.