Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sneak Peek -- The New El Mariachi...


gNAT said...

I think I need one of those. Glad it made it to you safely.

Jason said...

Looks just fab! How warped is it that I think I could EASILY justify having a road bike, a CX bike, a 1x9 HT, a full geared HT, a soft tail and a FS? Oh yeah. don't forget the single speed! My Power Ball ticket better hit tonight!

Thanks for the bike porn. Beats paying $1.99 a month or dealing with pop up window from those "other" porn site! ;)

Sean said...

Beautiful bike, I got mine back in November and absolutely love it.

Adrian_O said...

I can hear the music play. Sweet bike dude.

Guitar Ted said...

Super cool rig, mg! It rides as good as it looks too, a bonus!

Have fun building her up.

MG said...

Oh yeah Gnat -- you definitely need one of those! You know it as well as I do.

So too do you, Jason M, as warped as it sounds. For a factory racer like yourself, a big 'ol stable of bikes is totally apropos, so hopefully your PowerBall ticket was a good one last night!

Glad to hear you're lovin' your El M Sean. Thanks for the note.

Hope to hook up for a ride with you soon Adrian!


MG said...

Hey Guitar Ted -- I didn't see your post before my earlier comment. Good to hear from you, brother.

Have you been able to mix up some of that tubeless solution and give it a try yet? If so, how's it working? I hope it's working great for ya'.

Talk to you soon,

millhouse said...

congrats on the new frame. i love mine so far, but unfortunately haven't really been able to ride too much yet this year. what are your plans for a fork? are you going to do any paint protection?

MG said...

hey millhouse -- i'm gonna' do the manitou minute 29 up front in 100mm travel, with the EBB rotated all the way down, so i'll sit as low on the bike as possible.

as far as paint pro goes, i'm going to use some 3M clear vinyl adhesive that MW scored that they use as invisible bug shield on cars. that's what i did on my green El M, and that's what MW runs on his Soulcrafts too. it works good. my bike took a hit on a log at lake manawa last summer and while it messed up the vinyl a bit, it didn't scratch the paint, or dent the tube. bitchin!

i've also used frame saver on the inside of the frame tubes already. that's standard procedure for me on all my steel frames before they get built.

hope to see you saturday at the pcl ride/race millhouse! i'm stoked you're on an el mariachi now. it looks like nate is gonna' be riding an el mariachi in '08 too. he couldn't resist the call of the ebb for his SS riding tendencies!

i have to admit, i'm a big fan now, after being a bit skeptical before i actually owned an ebb-equipped bike. now i love 'em. my green el mariachi has never squeaked, creaked, slipped or given me any cause for concern. it's just been perfect.


ortiz said...

Nice, that red is pretty...I hear ya on the ebb, never have had a problem either, no squeaks, nada...The manitou setup is going to be plush...
note for next bike: red.