Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pics From A Great Weekend... A Couple Days Late

First, a few pics from Saturday's 8am gravel adventure from the D-Street, courtesy of our GB Cornbread.We had a pretty big group at the start -- 20 or so riders I heard -- but I ended up peeling off early and hooking up with the Fob and -jb for the ride into Cortland, and the start of the ride home.
A few -- Cornbread, Coach and Troy K. -- ended up going down to Beatrice and getting a solid 85 miler in. I ended up with about 68 miles total -- not too bad for a "bad leg day."

And here's why... The 29er Trifecta. Mod took us for a grand Leap Year tour of Omaha's most scenic byways. Here, we're near the end of the journey, near the historic Olympia Cycle shop. (photo: Mod)

Suffice to say that 29 miles on my singlespeed El Mariachi 29er (when I've been riding my cross bike a lot lately) took my legs to the bank and left 'em with very little change in the jar for Saturday's ride. Getting only 4 hours of sleep Friday night didn't help much either... But we sure did have a lot of fun!

Shootin' ... Yeah, there's probably another reason I wasn't feelin' so spry on Saturday either. Isn't Mod's moustache cute? He looks so French... I wonder what my wife would think if I walked upstairs sportin' one of those things? (photo: Anne)

Mod said he was disappointed none of us followed his lead and rocked the moustache action... Give it time brother. It will come. It's only March. I don't wanna' get rid of the beard too soon. Don't wanna' freeze my face, ya' know?!
I'm not sure how many showed up for the 29er Trifecta, but my guess is it was around 35 people. Perhaps the "official" count should be that 29 riders showed up? It's close enough... I only saw one 26-inch wheeled bike in the whole place. Impressive... (photo: Mod)

After all that went down Friday night and Saturday, my body was spent, so I ended up taking Sunday off the bike. It's been pretty crazy busy around here lately too, which is why the bloggin' has had to take a back seat, but I've got some good stuff coming soon. My new 2008 Salsa El Mariachi frame came today, and I'll be building it up very soon, so look for pics and a ride report to-come soon.



debaser said...

Man, that Nebraska fravel sure is looking packed down and fast!

Sounds like a great weekend.


Jason said...

Look forward to seeing the E.M. Looks to be a sweet ride.

MG said...

LOL... yeah, with yellow stripes down the center even! you know we do have some pavement here in nebraska!

Wait'll you see the El M built up Jason. You know I love Salsa's steel frames, and when I showed this one to my wife, she immediately said, "this is the prettiest one yet." 'Nuff said.

I've got a handful of spokes, and am about to get down on a rear wheel. It's probably gonna' be Friday night before I've got a complete bike (gotta' get a Q order in tomorrow for a few remaining parts), but I should have her ready to ride for the weekend. Perfect...

I'll be gettin' used to it just in time for Fruita too, right Ganzel?


redstone said...

Dude, Mod's 'stache is looking top notch! My legs hurt thinking about long ass hard gravel road riding.

MG said...

No joke Dave -- Mod's 'stache is on time. Maybe that's why I've put off tryin' to hang with him on it. He's got the attitude and the style locked up tight...

mw said...

good weekend.

MOD said...

Good riding with you this weekend Matt. Good thing you weren't pushing a 36x16 like me. 2:1 would have been a dream gear.

MG said...

Absolutely -- it was a great weekend! I'm lookin' forward to more fun this weekend, but it doesn't look like we're going to have nearly as nice a weather.

Mod, I don't know what you were thinking pushin' a 36x16 on those freakin' hills... Your knees must've been screamin'! But it was great riding and hangin' with you, and all the O-town crew. I always have fun when I go up there. You guys definitely know how to have a good time. Thanks again for hosting such a cool event.