Thursday, March 06, 2008

The PCL Is Throwin' Down...

... pulled from Cornbread's post on Folks From Lincoln

When: Saturday March 8th 9 am start
Where: Lancaster Event Center Parking lot
Why: Not sure
Who: Everyone is welcome!

Folks are meeting at D street around 7:30ish for coffee. We will take off from D street and head over to the start. All are welcome to join us.

Don't disappoint One Eyed Oinky! You better be there!

More details:

The Pirate Cycling League would like to welcome cyclists to come out on Saturday March 8th for a FREE bicycle race. Well, almost free. It'll cost you a buck.

The race will start at 9 am from the Lancaster Event Center parking lot. Riders will then race to Elmwood via any route they choose with two exceptions. Racers may only use the Mopac trail for the last mile to and from Elmwood and gravel or dirt roads must be used for the reminder of miles. No pavement!!! I really don't know a good route cuz I've never ridden it. Sorry.

Once in Elmwood, racers must purchase a Lottery Powerball ticket (for the Saturday evening drawing) from the convenience store (date and time will be verified at Oso later in the evening). Then racers will return to the finish line at the Lancaster Event Center.

The Awards will be held at Oso Burrito later that evening at 6 pm. All racers attending the awards ceremony must bring a prize from home for the drawing (nothing XXX please). Previous prizes included spare bike parts, vintage lunch boxes, books, unused clothing, etc. Just please keep it tasteful. Nothing offensive please. Be creative! The Powerball tickets will be combined and hopefully we'll all walk away millionaires. We're rich biatch!

We'll try to have some swank PCL T-shirts available for purchase during the awards for a modest price.

Cross bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, tricycles, anything that pedals without an engine is okey-dokey. All are welcome! This will be as competitive as you wanna make it. If you wanna just go for a ride with some folks, this may be a good opportunity.


***Please use caution while crossing all intersections.
***Please come prepared. This is a self sustained, non-supported event. You are responsible for you.
***Use caution while racing.
***Use caution while passing other racers who don't like to be passed.
***Use caution while entering a rural convenience store wearing lyra.
***Use caution while purchasing a lottery ticket. We are not responsible if you develop a gambling problem.
***Use caution because we are not responsible for anything except ourselves and we often do a shitty job at that!

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