Friday, February 08, 2008

Ride Saturday...

We're riding tomorrow at 8am from D street. The plan is to roll west and north on gravel. I've got to be home around noon, so that's my timeframe. Hope to see you there.

I got some new parts from the Monkey Wrench today. Here's a sneak preview of the Dos' new fork -- I'm givin' the Manitou Minute 29 100mm a try. We'll see how it compares to "the standard," the RockShox Reba Race. I have high hopes... Those of you who know me know I've used and loved many 'a Manitou in the past. Our long history of Nebraskans in the Answer/Manitou race shop hasn't hurt, but this is my first experience with the "new" Hayes-owned Manitou product. We'll see how it stacks up.



millhouse said...

Congrats on the new fork. When is your el mar coming in?

I'm digging mine but those WW 2.55s are pretty heavy. Any tips on good all-around tire combinations for our trails. I may leave a WW on the front, but at a minimum I need a new rear. Thanks.

MOD said...

You'll have to let me know what you think. If I'm not mistaken it uses the old air/coil system. In theory it always seemed like it should work but I tried to two years to dial it in with poor results.

It's back to TPC too, isn't it? That's a plus.

Now if they'd just make it with a G2 crown (51mm offset) we'd be in business.

Cornbread said...

I'm really interested in hearing the report on this. I haven't ridden a Manitou in years.

MG said...

thanks guys. millhouse, the exact timing of my new el mariachi frame is still a little up in the air, but it sounds like it might be able to happen soon.

if you want to go for a lighter overall tire combo, i'd recommend trying the maxxis crossmark, or a nanoraptor on the rear with a weirwolf on the front. that'd be a sweet combo. i'd try that.

mod, yeah, it's the spring/air combo, and according to brian at shockspital, they've got it working pretty good now. hopefully he's right. i'll let ya' know. but it's a tpc-based damping system. basic manitou suspension... certainly nothing new to speak of, technology wise.

i'd need a g2 frame to go with the g2 crown, if that were going to be the case... ;-) i know you've got that going on. you and your fisher connection.

cornbread, once i get that manitou good and broken in, you're definitely welcome to take it for a ride. in fact, i'd like to have the perspective of a few others to balance my own, as far as how it performs compared to the (likely) rebas on their own bikes.

Jason said...

Like to hear some feed back on the fork. I like my Reba and Rock Shox has been good to my team, but I'm LUUUUUUUUSTING a Fox. So I'd like to hear a bit more about what's out ther for us peeps. Sounds like it's been damn cold in the Ehn-EEEE.


MG said...

yo j. thanks for the thoughts. i too have been thinkin' about one of those new fox f-29s... there's another new bike i'll be building up later in 08 that i'll need a fork for, and i'm thinking an f-29 will in 100mm, or a minute in a 120mm through axle will be what i'll choose between.... aaaaahhh decisions.

i'd like to have the perspective of having owned a fox, manitou, rockshox and maverick, which i will have done if i do end up getting a f-29. i'm one fork away right now.