Thursday, February 07, 2008

Nice ride in this morning...

... hope everybody made it in safe and sound. It wasn't as slick as I thought it'd be.

Random Thursday musings...
  • MW and I got perhaps our last blast on skis through Wilderness last night. I think today's 30 degree temps are going to deal the snow a knockout blow.
  • Gnat's got a sweet new ride... Check it out here.
  • Virtually everybody in the cycling world is mourning Sheldon Brown's passing (check the Google News search summary). I think it was more rare to find a cyclist whose life Sheldon didn't touch in one way or another. Amazing... Talk about a eulogy. Sheldon's got an amazing worldwide online chorus of eulogies going on right now.
  • My Dos is on its way back to being a bike... After taking a few months "off" after the '07 season, I've got a whole new front-end and some drivetrain parts coming for my Dos Niner, and am starting to get it built for the coming season of racing. Man, that bike sitting next to my new La Cruz is an awesome looking pair! Just wait 'til I get some pictures posted. You'll see... ;-)
  • It's almost the weekend, and you know what that means... Riding. What's the weather gonna' be like? Check the Hourly Weather Graph screenshot I just took from NOAA's Website:
Hope everybody has warm shoes and gloves... and a facemask!

Have a great day,


Guitar Ted said...

MG: Gotta spot open on T.I. Still want in? Shoot me an e-mail.

Sorry to read of your sickness. Hope yer feelin' better there dude.

Are you going to be at Frostbike at all?

MG said...

Sweet!! Thanks Guitar Ted! I'm in... I just sent you an email.

I'm definitely feeling a ton better, but I'm headed to the dentist later today to have a wisdom tooth pulled, so hopefully that'll all go smooth, and I'll still be able to get some good rides in this weekend.

I haven't gotten the call to make a Team Salsa cameo at Frostbike yet from Gnat, but you just never know. Maybe one will come yet this week?

I know Nate and Eric are headed up, so we've got a car going that direction already... But with Nate riding on the Amigos team this year, they're already getting the fast and stylish one from our crew anyway! Not sure why they'd need me taggin' along! Color commentary, perhaps?

It'd be awesome to be able to ogle your new rides up-close though, but I suspect we're going to see eachother soon enough, Frostbike or not.

Can I thank you again? Sure I can... it's my blog. Thanks buddy.