Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Two Wheel Legend Sheldon Brown Dies of Heart Attack...

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There are very few in the bicycle industry who paid attention to detail like Sheldon Brown. He was one of the first "tech guys" I heard of back when the Internet was a new thing. Sheldon was diagnosed with MS in recent years, but his Will to Live inspired those around him, and he continued to live his life in his own unique way...

... until this past Sunday, when a tragic heart attack took his final beats and Sheldon's spirit was set free from his ailing body. Sheldon Brown will be remembered for his wit, his humor, his eloquence, his mischevious grin, and his passion and expertise for anything to do with a bicycle. He will be missed by many. We lost one of the good ones when Sheldon passed.

Godspeed Sheldon Brown. May your rides from here on out be long, smooth and trouble-free.

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