Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More El Mariachi pics...

If you asked me in 1992 what type of bike I'd be riding in 2007, I'd have never guessed rigid steel... but it's true. I'm riding rigid steel in 2007, 10 years after I podiumed twice a NORBA Nationals on a carpet fiber, full-suspension Trek Y-33. Ironically, I won a NORBA National the next season (1998) on a steel Bontrager RaceLite with a Voyles tuned Manitou fork... and a 150x10 degree rise Salsa Moto stem - quite a switch from the short 100mm stems we run today!

Clean welds... nice gusset and headtube reinforcement ring.

Reba's behind... I kicked her to the curb last night.

I like panels... and green bikes.

How many shops have these? Not many.

That Nevegal is a pretty big tire 'eh? You should see it in person. Also note the sweet King SS bottle cage. They're the best (well, except for King's super expensive Ti version), but they don't mark up your bottles like alloy cages do, they're light, affordable, and they're in-stock at MWC now. Get 'em while they're hot.


A.B. said...

Great choice, sticking with the matching fork. Looks way better. I'm not a hater of Reba's or anything, but with a frame like that, you gotta have the green fork. Nice pics!

len said...

Are those bashgaurds in stock at MWC? 4-bolt, 110? I'd love to loose that hunk of lexan on the unit.

MG said...

thanks a.b. you're right about the fork. i like suspension, don't get me wrong, but on this bike, the rigid fork has an aesthetic purity to it, and its responsiveness is beautiful too.

len, i'm not sure exatly what MWC has in stock for chainguards. but if you're running 4-bolt, it's actually a 104mm bolt circle. 110mm is 5-bolt exclusively. if woodman doesn't have 'em in stock, i'm sure either he or showen can make it happen for you. give 'em a call. they'll help you lose the lexan and step up to something with some real steel in it.