Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The more things change...

My El Mariachi has had an interesting first week as I've worked to find its 'ideal' setup. And through the process, I've been reminded of exactly why rigid bikes, especially sweet riding steel steeds, are so great. They handle with a responsiveness that no suspension bike can match.

The first, and now current setup -- rigid fork, 17 degree salsa bar, 100mm x 6 deg. rise stem

The second setup -- rigid fork, 80mm x 17 deg. rise stem, upside-down Mary bar. Looks awesome, but my back doesn't like the low position. And there was brake lever/top-tube interference that would likely have eventually ended up putting a dent in the tube.

Setup #3 -- as ridden on the MWC ride last night. Back to the 17 deg. Salsa bar and 100mm stem, but this time with my 100mm travel Reba up front. This was a revealing addition to the bike, as it showed me how much steering precision is gained with a rigid fork. Rebas aren't noodles, but the difference in steering responsiveness with the rigid fork is dramatic!

One thing is for sure -- the El Mariachi is a versatile bike. I can run this thing any way I want... single, fully geared, 1x9 (or 1x8), rigid, suspension, skinny tires, fat tires... whatever I choose, it can do.

I'm excited about the possibilities, but one thing is for certain -- I love this bike!


debaser said...

Looks great Matt.

MG said...

thanks brother. i'm looking forward to seeing you guys later this month on our way through town. hopefully there will be three ganzels to see!

debaser said...

Have you guys decided when? Or... has Intense?

MG said...

weekend of march 24-25. i need to call dave on the intense... but it has nothing to do with the date of the trip.

sda said...

i see how it is. i gotta look at 3 blogs and read into some comments to find out when this trip is gonna happen.

are we camping? 'cause if we are i'm bringing the nimrod. heheh.

(i'm in yer blogspace, messin' wit yer comments)

MG said...

lol... daverill, i'm gonna call you, but yes, we're camping.

and you're welcome in my blog space anytime brother.