Friday, June 02, 2006

So Matt, what do you do for a living? Part 2

Here's the article that preceeded the one below that I used Chris in. I submitted the article as one big article, but they gave me the super bonus deal and broke it up into two different segments.

And here's an article of mine that just came out earlier this week:
I was stoked to see my article was featured as their "cover story" for the issue. Czech it out on their Website! (Yes, I know my last name isn't actually Weber -- it's a pen name -- but those who know me well will know exactly where I pulled the Weber from. ;-))

Happy Friday! It should be an awesome weekend for some bike ridin'!



debaser said...

But dude, your lawn looks like hell!

What gives?

mg said...

yeah, that's the sad part. i spend too damn much time writing anout the lawn, and not enough of it working in it... the typical situation.

mg said...

actually my front yard looks great right now... it's the back yard that needs help.

debaser said...

move out here and xeroscape your lawn. Time for riding and little maintenence on the lawn. Seriously!

(me = broken record).

So move on out already. We're ready, are you?

redstone said...

Can you say braaaaap when you're on that mower? Braaap!

mg said...

Brrrraaaaapp!! Yeah, I think it's possible Redstone!

I'm working on it Debaser... Patience my friend. The world wasn't created in a day!