Thursday, June 08, 2006

Screw 6/6/06... I shoulda' been worried about 6/7!

First off, thanks CVO for getting out for a spin through the park with me Wednesday night. I don't know what was up, but luck wasn't totally with me last night. I ended up stacking it on the log, which bent my thumb back pretty hard. We rolled on for a while after it happened, but it became pretty clear that I wasn't doing it any good, so we turned around.

On the way back, a nice-sized stick found its way into my front wheel. Luckily I built it with brass and the stick broke first. It's amazing how strong spokes are! The wheel came out of it just fine, despite the insane sound of the whole thing as it was happening.

My thumb is super swollen and sore this morning, but I'm pretty sure nothing is broken. I'm going to lay low for a couple of days and see how it shakes out.

You never realize how vital your thumbs are until you hurt one of 'em... I'd say my race at Ponca has been put into some question by this little turn of events. That'd be a big bummer if I wasn't able to race - I've been looking forward to Ponca ever since the race at Platte ended.

Have a great Thursday, whatever you end up doing!



Beerorkid said...

so after I read the post on FFL last night me myself and irene was on and like a few minutes later is the scene where Jim Carey gets his thumb shot off. made me think of you ;)

mg said...

LOL... at least i've still got the thumb attached!

3p0 said...

how is it fealing today?

you still in for ponca?

debaser said...

All that seperates us from the dolphins are opposable thumbs.

I'll be giving you the thumbs up from here.

Beerorkid said...

fricking activist dolphins and their hoop jumping agenda

mg said...

it's actually feeling a little better... not sure if it's 4-hours worth of racing better, but it's definitely riding tomorrow better. i haven't been on my bike yet since it happened though, so who knows how i'll feel after i hit a few bumps and stuff.

i'm strongly considering not going to ponca. not only am i a bit hesitant to race on a bum hand, but the weather report is looking pretty dicey for race time... a crap shoot at best.

i bet it'll be beautiful though. ponca is always good.