Saturday, April 08, 2006

Flyin' in Fruita... Debaser's fine pics.

Despite the muddy conditions, day one of our Fruita voyage had some good ridin'. Here, Debaser catches me riding through a section of Trail 4 in Rabbit Valley - a very nice sequence.

Nice work on the pics Debaser!



debaser said...

Looks like I missed a picture, doesn't it? Like there should be a second from last showing the turn?

Thanks for posing, poser.

mg said...

yeah, it'd only let me post five pics at a time... doesn't matter much anyone. nobody except for the two of us is looking at my blog anyway!

i guess i'm a blog poser too!

redstone said...

Don't worry, mg, i read your blog.

mg said...

you, debaser, cvo, mw and maybe three other people... it's cool though. i'm not going for global domination.

cornbread and i were joking last night (while riding) that precisely when we have the most potential blog content, we're too busy to blog because we're busy riding -- a good problem to have.

i like bikes!

mw said...

poser dork.

i check you're site every now and again.

mg said...

LOL... mw, i know you do.

happy friday!