Sunday, March 19, 2006

This weekend's winter wonderland...

MW in recovery mode Sunday

Images: KW
It wasn't the best weekend of riding ever here in Lincoln... In two words, 'cold' and 'wet' pretty much sum it up. Yeah, that looks like snow in the pictures, but don't be fooled - the water was barely frozen. Oh well. It's been a pretty nice late-winter, after all.
The weather this weekend has me really looking forward to our Fruita trip coming up at the end of the month!! I had the Trails Illustrated map laid out on the bike room floor for quite a bit of 'study time' late last night... One ride I'd really like to do this year (for the first time) on the trip is the Edge loop. In fact, for as many times as I've been to Fruita, I can't believe I haven't done it at least once already. Well the time has come... It's Edge loop or bust in 2006!!
Oh, and congratulations to those who competed in the 3- and 6-hour race at Landahl Park in KC Saturday. Of note, our Lincoln GB, MW, finished 7th overall in the 6-hour race on his RIGID SINGLESPEED 29er! That's not 7th in the singlespeed class -- that's 7th place OVERALL! Way to go my Brother!!! Also, our GB from the north, RF, finished 4th overall. As MW tells it, RF pulled off a very nice comeback from a flat tire to earn his top-5 podium finish. Way to start the season RF! Congratulations!
The Nebraska mountain bike season starts next week. Check out for more info.


debaser said...

Nice job MW. Good job on getting out there today. I headed out for a few hours which started purty good, but ended with 45 minutes in the pouring rain. It felt good to tough it out, since I so easily bail if the weathers questionable.

MG, the Edge loop is questionable do to conditions this time of the year. If we can't do the whole thing, I say we do it as an out and back up to the waterfall.


redstone said...

Yeah, fantastic MW!

Winter wonderland here, too. Lots of snow. Got out for the 1st time on a single 29er. Good stuff. I'm a wimp, too...

RF said...

Thanks for the kudos MG. And your boys Wills, Cornbread, and CVO rocked the course at landahl too. That play is soooo much fun, and rocky. MW is a total champ for doin it on a rigid. I did it on 4 in of travel and I was dreamin of a 7 inch bike before it was all over.

I've looked up the edge loop while in Fruita in march before, but the locals recommended against it. the trails gets up pretty high in elevation and you may run into some snowfall. It really depends on the precip history around there. The locals should be able to tell ya. Or you can battle it out with the snow up top. Either case, I hope you get to ride it b/c I've heard sweet things about it and I wanna see some pics!

I'm getting excited-- I'll be in fruita and moab in just 5 weeks. Take a bunch of pics when you're out there, I need the inspiration!

mw said...

fruita. yes. can't wait. i wanna ride from camp as much as possible is my only vote.

isn't that zion curtain ride close to rabbit valley? i wanna do that shit. and i think what we discovered from last year is there is alot more riding available from there. true?

mg said...

i hear ya' debaser and rf... right after that post, i went out to and saw that all the high stuff in bookcliffs is still snowed in... no big deal though -- there's plenty of fully-rippable terrain out there for us to exploit!

good to hear you got out in it yesterday redstone. what are you riding for a 29er? A On-One?

looks like we'll be plankin' it tonight! winter's last blast is fully upon us outside.


mg said...

mw -- i checked into zion curtain. it's right beyond the co/ut border. we should definitely hit it. i've got the maps, and we'll have plenty of time.


debaser said...


mg said...

... but according to mike curiak, we can't call the zion curtain ride 'zion curtain'. apparently that's the name tourists/newbies use. for those 'in the know', it's called "The Burn."

oh yeah, and it looks like curiak may very well be joining us for one or more of our rides while we're out there. i'm supposed to call him on our way out there to set some stuff up. you know he's got the 411 on the latest/newest/dopest trails out there. hoowee!!

fruita. it's coming brothers...

debaser said...

Dude, I'm scared. I'm not trained enough, I'm gonna get d-riggiddy-opped.

debaser said...

Rain! Mud!