Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's 'Ol MG Been Up To?

I got a message from my friend Jim Cummins (co-promoter of the Dirty Kanza 200) the other day. He was giving me grief for not posting since Aug. 27th, and I suppose he's got a point. I've been bad about updates, but that's only because it's been a really busy month. So with that in-mind, here are a few images from the past month of MG's life. I didn't shoot most of this stuff, you'll notice, because I actually lost my camera this month... much to Mrs. G's chagrin. Oh well. You win some, you lose some. This one may be lost for good. You just never know.

Lucas Marshall shot this great one of me bunny hopping the barrier at the Swanson CX two weekends ago.

Another Lucas Marshall shot from the Swanson CX. I finished 8th in the Open 1/2/3 on my beautiful Salsa La Cruz Ti. I was lovin' the feel of the Tufo tubulars on the Swanson grass. At 34 psi, I was getting great traction and awesome bump absorption.

One more of Lucas' shots from Swanson. He had some great action photography from the race, as usual.

Here's a shot from Anne Savery, wife of Sunday race winner, Mark Savery.

In late-Sept., I raced at the Sugar Bottom Scramble in Iowa City, where I finished 8th place in the Pro/Cat 1 class. Not a terrible result, but a couple of places out of the money. Bummer... Photo: Jordan Hanson

Sept. 18 gravel action on rural Lancaster County roads. Photo: Cornbread

Sept. 11: Heading out to gravel north of town with the PCL crew. Photo: Cornbread

Here's one of me from the Dakota Five-O up in Spearfish, SD. This was definitely the highlight of my 2010 mountain bike season. Photo: Patty Wixon

Another Patty Wixon shot from the Dakota Five-O.

Here's the Ridge Riders' shot from the start. Check out Smokey Bear, who started us off. Very cool...

Yeah, it's been a fun last month or so... Hope it's been great for you too! With fall upon us, it's the best time of year to get out and ride. So take advantage and get out and have fun!


paxtoncoyote said...

looks like you had a great season on your bike, we're planning on bringing Lane to Norfolk next weekend then on to Lincoln on Sun, this after State xc in Kearney on Fri, may see you there.

MG said...

Hey Matt -- It'll be great to see you and Lane. He and I have been talking back and forth a few times on the 'ol Facebook. Sounds like he's pretty excited to do some 'cross racing, which is great to hear.

It's been way too long, my friend...


MG said...

BTW... I'll buy a six pack for anyone that can find me in the start picture from the Dakota Five-0.

(Participants in this year's race and those present at the event are obviously excluded...)

Good luck!

Jim said...

MG... You are on the left side of the pic... about 4th row back... just to the right of the white awning. Wearing the red arm warmers. I'll take a 6-pack, just like you gave me at DK. That was some of the best Lager I've ever had. Wich I could remember the name of the brewer.

Jim C.

Jim said...
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MG said...

Good work Jim -- I've got you covered on that sixer next time we meet up too. It's the very fine Third Stone Brown from Empyrean Ales, one of our "home team" breweries here in Lincoln.

Hope I can see you soon to be able to give it to you... But if it's next year at the DK, I guess that means I'm gonna' be there, 'eh?!! Sweet...

Jim said...

Gotta give credit where credit is due. I did the Google thing. Found the brew I was thinking of. Lucket Bucket Brewing Company. It was their Pre-Prohibition Style Lager. Great stuff. Me loves Lagers better than Ales. (But I never turn down a good Ale.)

But what you said sounds good too. ;-)

MG said...

oh yeah... the Lucky Bucket! i totally forgot that i brought some of that with me! LOL!! funny, i had a few different varieties of beer with me to give to a few different folks, so i kind of forgot who got what. i'm glad you came up with it. and consider it done!

thanks for rememberin'...

cheers my friend,