Friday, August 27, 2010

PCL Gravel Worlds -- A few defining images...

Scenes from the lead pack, 15 miles into the race... Photo: MG

Another shot from the lead group paceline. Photo: MG

Headed for carnage, just after passing through the intersection at 40th and Davey Rd.

That's my right knee touching down at 23 mph, after touching wheels with the rider in-front of me. This set off a chain reaction crash behind me that, while scary, turned out much better than it could have been from an overall injury standpoint. Photo: CVO

Feeling like my day was over at that point, all I really cared about was getting the other riders back on their bikes and rolling. Photo: CVO

Jay Thomas was the final rider, aside from myself, to get back underway. I appreciated Jay's calm composure though the calamity. Though visibly injured, Jay's focus was clearly evident as well. Photo: CVO

My Salsa La Cruz Ti was pretty twisted up from the carnage. Using a 3-way "Y" allen wrench out of CVO's trunk, we were able to get it straightened out, for the most part, and after about 20 minutes of work, I was back on the road.

There was a little road rash on my elbow...

And a little more on my leg (more in places I couldn't show you)...

But in the end, the crash made for a day that was a lot lower key than it was when I was riding in the lead group. I rode alone for a lot of the day, or with cool cats like Mike Johnson, or Adam Blake, both from Iowa. And while I was super shelled at the finish, at least I finished. Officially, I was credited with 25th place, which is fine. I can't complain at all about the finish, and have nothing but thanks to give to Cornbread, CVO and everyone else that helped put the Gravel Worlds on this year, and also to everyone at Salsa Cycles and Cycle Works for their support this season. I'd also like to thank Rob Versteegth at Oakley in Iowa for his continued support.

Look for my full report and story to-come in the next issue of Adventure Monkey -- the Magazine.


Cornbread said...

Bummer about the crash. Way to push on and finish afterward. Crashing always takes the wind out of my sails.

BTW, you got 24th. Results were updated on Monday.

Guitar Ted said...

MG: You should take pride in finishing after an event like that. A crash at that speed on gravel would put most folks out of the event, and yet you persevered to the finish, which a lot of folks who did not crash didn't do. My helmet is off to you. Great ride my Brother!

debaser said...

When I first saw those pictures I was sick to my stomach, becasue chances are I knew someone in that wreck and there's no way it would end up well. Way to get back on the bike and push through that, for hours... Nice Job Matt.

MG said...

Wow... Those are some awfully nice words you guys. Thank you. I am humbled, and now with the perspective of a little time, definitely do feel a little more proud of what I accomplished that day. At the time it was hard for me not to be disappointed in not finishing better. But that's racing. The truth is on the course and you simply can't hide from it... You just have to accept it, learn its lessons and move forward.

Thanks again to all three of you. Each of your comments is very special in its own way.


Lane Bergen said...

Hey I have a question for you, since most of the cyclocross races are now having bikers register online, where would I go to find out the information about the races, and to pre register?