Friday, July 10, 2009

Thanks Joe and Anni!!

Thanks to Salsa Cycles' Joe Meiser and his wife, Anni for stopping in Lincoln Wednesday night on their way back from Joe's awesome performance at the Tour Divide for a slice, some great brews and great conversation at Yia Yia's. I didn't get any pictures, but thanks to Showen for settin' it up!

Have a great weekend!


paxtoncoyote said...

That would be AWESOME to meet up with a Tour Divide finisher so soon after their finish, man I'll bet he's got stories to last a lifetime. Don't tell me they traveled right through Paxton, that would kill me!

MG said...

LOL... I know he at least drove by Paxton, but I know he was beatin' feet to make it to Lincoln on-time for our little dinner date.

I hope you get to meet Joe and hear his stories though... He's a super nice guy and a great storyteller. And man, the race this year was EPIC!

GNAT said...

MG you suck! I haven't even gotten to talk with Joe. I can't wait.

MG said...

Now that is funny! Welcome home good buddy... It's been way too long. I'm looking forward to hearing some of your tales too! It looks like you've had some good times as well. I'm looking forward to helping you make some great memories coming up soon too... We're gonna' have fun!!!

In the meantime, enjoy being back home and have a great weekend, good buddy!