Wednesday, April 29, 2009

JP's Moab Bachelor Party Memories...

Super photog, Mitch Kline ( catches me in the act, enjoying myself completely on Moab's classic lower Porcupine Rim trail (edited, earlier mistakenly referred to as LPS). When you look at the full-size shot, give a look to my rear tire where it's in contact with the ground... Yeah, I was chargin'! (And no, I didn't get a pinch flat.) Check out the rest of Butch's shots from our Moab adventure on his site by clicking here.


Guitar Ted said...

Wow! That rear tire looks squashed dude! Its an amazing testament to tubelessness right there.

Looks like a great trail to be on. Someday I'll have to check that out.

paxtoncoyote said...

Man I wish I could re-do my bachelor party, mine was sooo lame! I couldn't think of a better way to spend the last few days as a single man than with some buddies in Moab ridin' the rim.

Oh well, better now as I can share those times with my wife when we make it, today was our 20th anniversary, unfortunately we won't make it to Moab but may get something else in soon. I'm so thankful that my wife is just as enthusiastic about biking as I am!

GNAT said...

Looking Good MG. To say the trails were good is an understatement.

I'm glad I was able to get to Moab and catch up with you guys.

J.R.A. said...

Nice, I agree with G-ted. Great tubeless testament, keep on preaching that.

Man all the pics I've seen the last few days makes me jealous. It looked AWESOME!


MG said...

Thanks guys -- Yeah, the tubeless was workin' overtime in this shot. Later on, I actually did succeed in pinching the tire hard enough to get it to burst, but believe it or not, I got the sealant to plug it up, and though I had to pump it up again, I was able to ride it for the rest of the weekend without further incident. Sweet!! In fact, I even had a cacti puncture two days later and there was still enough sealant in the tire to seal that up too. Even better.

Spring has to be the best time of year to ride out in the Western high desert. There's still moisture in the ground, so it's not a total dust bowl (well, it was in camp, but that's another story) and the traction conditions are really good on the dirt compared to what they are in july-september. And the temperatures are just right. It was an awesome trip.

And holy cow... the Jackson Trail off of Amasa Back -- that thing is an absolute ripper!! Talk about a world-class technical cliff side trail! I was inspired by its sinuous, rocky, picturesque construction and incredible flow. It was easily the surprise of the trip for me. The rest of the trails we rode were things I'd seen before, but were still awesome to hit.

Matt, it's awesome that after 20 years you've found a life partner that's as stoked to ride bikes as you are! That in itself is as much of a victory as any trip you could ever take... It makes every ride a great adventure. Congratulations and happy anniversary!!! You two are very fortunate to have found eachother.


MG said...

BTW -- Guitar Ted -- Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

How's the gravel? It looks like you got some rain last night...

Steve Fuller said...

Gravel is pretty good around these parts and further north MG. Sounds like things are still pretty good in the strip of Iowa we might be riding in. Not sure of the conditions in either Missouri or Minnesota at this point.

MG said...

Hey, thanks for the update Steve. That's great to hear. I'm sure I'm not the only one who will be relieved to hear that things are shaping up to be just about ideal for TI v.5. I'm super stoked.

Hope to see you tomorrow. Thanks again, my friend.


cvo said...

good luck on the ride Mg,

looks like you had quite the fun out there this past weekend,

hope you have a great one coming up.

see ya soon

J.R.A. said...

That's right TI is weekend! Man have fun and good luck. Can't wait for the report.