Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Winter Fargo

Winter Fargo, originally uploaded by Jmeiser.

Here's Fargo designer, Joe Meiser's personal Fargo set up in full-on no-rack cargo-commuter mode... You could fit a salami in there!


J Meiser said...

You could, but then where are you going to put your stuff for the GDR?

MG said...

That's a very good question. Perhaps I'd just carry a salami with me on the GDR for sustinence. Who knows?

In all serious though, while it's a pretty big bag, it's not a backpack, I suppose. You couldn't exactly fit a tent and a bag in there, for example, could you?

Thanks for checkin' in, Joe.

EB said...

Oh Boy!
Congrats on the Fargo! Now ride the hell outta that girl.

Its been a heavy week.
I'll call ya later.


GNAT said...

Salami...Yummmm. Now I'm hungry.

Can't wait to see what your build looks like.

MG said...

I saw you called EB. Sorry I missed it. I've been down with the flu today. I just finally got out of bed... at 8:30pm! Crazy. It hasn't been the best day, but it's gonna' get a lot better soon!

Thanks guys!

paxtoncoyote said...

Can't wait to see your build up to get ideas for mine...someday, perhaps after my basement build is paid off! A Fargo will definitely be my next bike though as it suits my needs of endless backroads. I'm thinking I may have to build a deck on a rear rack for my dog Tate to ride along on as he really gets upset when I leave on a bike & he's not along. He may tire out when it's a 60 miler!