Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Stick a War Axe Fork In It...

Nice work Sam and Skip... War Axe Cycles is in business and Sir Wilhelm has a new fork.
Photo: Endurosnob


Guitar Ted said...

Don't know who Sir wilhelm is, but he's got himself one dagger-like fork there!

Good stuff.

MG said...

That would be our good buddy, "Sir" Tony Wilhelm, a super-fast Lincoln native that's currently residing out in Fort Collins, Colorado.

You'd like Tony, Guitar Ted -- He can rip it on a fixxie like few others.

That fork is a fitting prong for the front of his fixxie too... Ultra-sweet steel -- Columbus, if I'm not mistaken.

Guitar Ted said...

Thanks for the "introduction". Guys that ride fixed have all of my respect!

EB said...

Wilhelm is da shit,
Looking forward to battling him at the Five-O in 09