Thursday, September 18, 2008

Get Ready for the Good Life Gravel Adventure

It's almost time for the first annual Good Life Gravel Adventure
135 miles of epic southeastern Nebraska gravel
Saturday, September 20, 6:00 a.m.
Starts at the Mopac Trailhead at 84th Street in Lincoln
View the interactive course map on
Learn more about the race and print cue sheets on the Pirate Cycling League blog
Hope to see you there!


Guitar Ted said...

MG: I hope ya'all had a great adventure today! Take care and I'll see ya down the trail.

MG said...

Thanks Guitar Ted. Have safe travels and a great time at Interbike. I can't wait to hear your reports.

The Good Life Gravel Adventure was awesome. Look for my full report on it soon, but in short, I had a pretty decent day overall and ended up finishing in third place. I was fortunate that Cornbread was the promoter of the race and chose not to also compete, because he's clearly on another level, physically. He would have had me covered easily, had he been actually racing. That said, he still rode the whole course on his singlespeed Bianchi Roger. Impressive...

Thanks to Cornbread and Steph for putting on a super fun, grassroots gravel grinder.

And thanks to Dave Pals from Iowa and Warren, Joe, Pete, David and all the Kansas guys that came up! It was super cool that you came and impressive how strong all of you were riding.


MG said...

Oh, and also, how could I forget to thank Josh Stamper for coming. Man, what a super nice guy... Thanks for coming and racing with us this weekend, Josh.