Friday, September 12, 2008

'Cross 2008 -- The Season Begins...

Capital City Cross - Des Moines, Iowa - September 27/28, 2008 -- JP did this race in 2007 and still raves about how awesome it was. The 2008 version is just a week away, and depending on weather conditions at Lake Manawa, I might just start the 'cross season early in Des Moines. Ironically, when I received this race flier JPEG from race promoter, Rob Versteegth, I was in the process of building my Salsa Chili Con Crosso cyclocoss racing bike up... interesting.

But bottom line, regardless of whether I go to the race or not, it's an awesome race, and if you're lookin' to put your road or mountain bike away and bring the 'cross bike out to play, this is the hot ticket to ride.

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