Friday, February 22, 2008

Saturday Ride Plans...

Ready... Two beautiful steel Salsas, just beggin' to be ridden.

Cornbread called it -- 8am from D Street for the weekly Saturday gravel throwdown. Coffee's on at 7:45. Good stuff too...

Riders of all speeds have been showin' up lately, so you'll most likely end up riding with a group regardless of what speed you're goin'. And let me tell ya', I haven't even been close to one of the fastest guys in the group lately, so if you're feeling frisky, you'll find willing partners too (john rokke, paging john rokke...).

Hope to see lots of riders tomorrow morning. 1510 D street. 8am. Be there. But more importantly, whatever you do this weekend, make it a great one.



debaser said...

Damn, that wall looks damn near blank. YOu need some more pron for it.

I've got big plans for today - riding again after being beat down for the last 2 weeks. Finally...

mw said...

you need the other one in the pic too

MG said...

oh it will be... when it's built. which will be next week. the bar/stem is comin' for it.

thanks for the mittens today mw. it was good ridin' with ya' both days this weekend. we got some good rides in.

ganzel, i need some pron, 'eh? you got some pron for me? i heard you had pron to spare... lol. hope you got some good ridin' in this weekend, and that the weather was cooperative. it kicked ass for us this weekend, a nice change from what we've been having.