Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Glad to be in Orlando...

It only got up to 75 degrees today in Orlando... Poor me, 'eh? I just got back from the Erosion Control show, and am about to go out to the bar by the beach and have a drink or five...

It's not ridin' bikes, but it'll do, and I'll be back to "reality" soon enough.

Hope everybody back home is staying warm. I hear it's purdy cold.



mw said...

yes cold.
but the full moon is kickin.

Guitar Ted said...

Enjoy your reprieve, MG. 11 below this morning and we might see double digits above tomorrow for a high.

At least somebody I know can walk outside without a coat on and live to tell the tale. ;>)

Jason said...

Enjoy your drinks. Should make sitting through the Erosion Control Show feature presentation- "Lets make Erosion Terra Firma's Bitch" all that more fun.


ps- 75? I hate you.

MG said...

LOL... now that's funny! it was actually a pretty cool show. there's some cool people in the EC industry, including seemingly a ton of mountain bikers. i was stoked when one of my press meetings even included a former member of the editorial staff of bike magazine. i knew his name looked familiar, but when he walked up with a hypnotic designs messenger bag, i knew immediately where i recognized his name from... small world.

i love the full moon... did you catch the eclipse mw?

guitar ted, hopefully it's already warmin' up in your neck of the woods. we're supposed to have 40s and 50s this weekend, so it's gonna' be a great one for pedalin' here. hope it's a great one for you too.

you know, it just seemed wrong to be walking by girls in bikinis yesterday... then i got home last night and realized why it seemed so wrong -- my perspective is wacked out by the everlong winter we've been having!

have a great weekend, y'all!!