Thursday, November 01, 2007

Time For Me To Fly... The Fall Mancation Is Nigh.

... and there's never a shortage of PBR and jerkey.

mw and i are taking off for a few days in and around fruita with sda, the kline bros., sieler, ganzel and a couple others. you know what we'll be doing. we'll be back monday with stories to tell and pics to share. until then, i hope you have some great adventures too this weekend. it's a great time of year to be a cyclist, and it's absolutely beautiful out there right now.



cvo said...

you guys out there yet?

MG said...

... just walking out of my office. 5:19pm.

... that's 4:19pm colorado time.

that's a purdy good time.

debaser said...

Are you here yet?

Emily said...

aka a minute til

Paddy Humenny said...