Sunday, October 28, 2007

Three-Day Weekend...

Laura was off all last week for her fall break, so I took Friday off and got a three-day weekend. That's pretty sweet, since with the Man-cation this coming weekend, I'll be getting a four day weekend coming up! Woohoo!! Anyway, Laura and I kicked off the weekend right with a couple hour ride on the Mopac Friday. This was Laura's longest ride yet on her Casseroll, and she's still digging it.
Saturday came and the fun kept on rollin'... Got through the park with my good buddies -kw, mw and -jb. No pics, but it was my first time through on the West "bike" side of Wilderness in more than a month, and while there were still a couple of muddy spots, it was pretty darn good overall. It was good to visit our old friend Wilderness on a beautiful fall day!
Today, ultra smooth CVO and I had another go at the park, and by all accounts, it was another successful run. Nearly sixty degrees, sunshine and singletrack equaled big smiles for us on this day. It was a great way to end off the weekend. Thanks CVO!!

MW and I leave for sda's place in Colorado Thursday after work, then to Fruita Friday morning for a few days of high desert singletrack. I'm gettin' excited for the riding just typing that!

I hope everyone that went down to the 'cross races in Kansas had a great time. I wish I could have gone, but I didn't want to mess anything up for this upcoming Colorado trip... Priorities, you know. ;-) Cornbread, you're a stud pulling off two races in the same day!

Have a great week!



redstone said...

Sounds like a good weekend, Matty. I rode my local Wilderness (Hall) today. Up the front side, 2 lapper on the loop, back down the front side. Middle ringed the climb and no dabs, woohoo. I think it's getting to be that season in which I'll be spending a lot of time at Hall Ranch...

MG said...

hey davey... yeah, it was a pretty good weekend. i would have liked to have raced 'cross on sunday, but my right arm has been giving me fits from just practicing my 'cross dismounts, so racing is kinda' a sketchy proposition... oh well. i've certainly raced enough in 2007 already.

hall ranch is a very nice local to have to spend a lot of time at... you're a lucky man dave! :-)

hope to get to see you soon. we'll get you at least once either on our way out or on our way back -- not sure which yet. i bet on the way back (sunday night) would be better for you, 'cuz on the way out, it's gonna' be LATE when we get there... and i think we're planning on staying with averill in ft. fun anyway.

perhaps i'll try to give you a call tonight to discuss.


bd said...

Thanks for straightening out my wheel yesterday Matt. Made for a better ride home.


redstone said...

Bummer - too bad you can't be here Tues. Sunday would work swell. It'd be awesome to see you brother.

MG said...

hey brian -- it was great to see you out there. no problem on the wheel either. i'm glad i was able to help out. it's not a new wheel anymore, but it's still got some good miles left in it!

dave -- sorry i didn't get you called tonight. ended up tearing my bike down to wax the frame... you know, the important stuff. yeah, i spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on it. it's 12:42am and i'm going to brush my teeth and go to bed.

sweet dreams,

Cornbread said...

Have fun in Fruita fellas. Take some good pics.

MG said...

hell yeah brother!! you know we will!


Mom said...

Hey, nice to see a pic of Laura. She's the better looking one anyway! Love ya,