Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm still alive... just been busy.

The 2008 Salsa El Mariachi has landed at Monkey Wrench Cycles -- Millhouse didn't wait to get his and he's not sorry. There's still one on the floor at MWC -- check it out!

Some other recent goings-on:
  • Lights out -- HID lights, 4 year old batteries and sub-freezing temperatures aren't a great combination. I've been left stranded without a headlight twice in Wilderness Park in the past couple of weeks after stopping and turning off my light, only to find that the battery wasn't strong enough to fire it back up, after getting too cold to produce the massive jolt needed to spark the HID element. That's not exactly what you want to have happen... So I guess I'm taking a look at the new generation of LED lights that are out there. I was looking at the NiteRider TriNewt Wireless, but then I realized what time it was. What time is that, you may be asking yourself about now?
  • It's Winter shoe time -- My winter shoes are TRASHED!! Have you seen the prices of winter shoes lately?!! Holy cow! And of course Woodman had to pull out his new Lake MXZ 302 winter shoes on me last night. Yeah, they retail for about $300... but damn, they are incredible. Not just incredible, INCREDIBLE. I have to have them now. In fact, I'm considering downgrading the headlight I was going to buy to be able to afford these shoes.
  • Life is good -- I've been so busy lately that some have noticed that I've been a little grumpy at times, and for that I apologize. Life is good, and I know that. Sometimes I just have to remember to stop and smell the roses from time to time. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by the family and friends that love and support me, and I've been humbled and inspired by the beauty and strength of true friendship on several occasions lately.


Sean said...

I picked up my El M. two weeks ago and I'm loving it. Fantastic bike.

MG said...

nice! congratulations, and may i commend you on making a great choice. steel is appropriate in any riding conditions.

i'm supposed to be getting my new el mariachi in january... man, like i need a new one. i'm about to head out the back door on my "old" one (it's what, 10 months old now?) for a night ride through wilderness park, actually.

it's been such an incredible bike. it'll become my designated singlespeed once my new el m comes. i'll probably let my best gb mw take it for a while to have a front suspension bike to try... he hasn't tried one of those for a while. believe it or not, he's got three custom soulcrafts, and all of them are fully rigid -- how insane is that?! heh heh heh ...

ok, i'm going riding now. have a good night. thanks for the note sean.


redstone said...

The TriNewt is definitely where it's at. A couple of the homies out here are rocking them. Friggin' bright man. The Trinewt is brighter than my NR Flight HID. Seems like they're always on backorder - I can't keep them in stock.

mw said...

steel bikes are where it's at.
LEDs are where it's at.
warm feet, or atleast not frozen solid feet, is where it's at.
life is good.

MG said...

yep trinewt. i'm skipping the remote to go with the lake shoes. that's basically the cost difference between them and the shimano winter shoes. chaching...

good ride tonight... the park was primo. was still above freezing at midnight. sweet!

Bruce Brown said...

Good to hear your "alive" and also it's nice to hear you can be "grumpy" - although I've never seen you grumpy.

Okay, Matt - since you are alive and kicking, can you refresh my mind on the subtle differences between the 2006 Very Verde Green Dos and the 2007 Orange Peelz frame? I remember you saying the downtube or something was beefed up a little bit and of course it's a disc only frame which is fine with me. I ask because there are a couple of "deals" out there at the moment on the orange frame and that has me thinking...

...which is always dangerous.


Jason said...

Mmmmm El Mariachi!!!!

TriNewt does look sweet. I thought about one, but I've also had a chance to see the Princeton Tec Switch Back 3. Bright with a 6 hour burn on high and a 2 hour charge. Hoping to get one by race season. 1 with an extra battery and you got all you need for a 24 solo.

Can't wait to see your El M.


MG said...

hey bruce -- good to hear from ya' buddy. yeah, the downtube is a bit stiffer on the orange peelz frame. for us wookie size star fighters, it's a good upgrade. the new downtube did two things, and i already mentioned the stiffness. the other thing it did is allowed them to eliminate the welded-on downtube gusset. the clearance for the reba topcap is built into a flare that's drawn into the tube itself. it's very cool when you look at it and realize what you're seeing. the metalwork on the latest dos niner has always been very good, and that new downtube really put the new frame over the top. it's a testament to why i like scandium as a framebuilding material so much.

the orange frame also has a little extra reinforcement in the heel of the dropout, but there's really no performance difference that you can feel from that change.

Let me know how that Princton Tec light works out for you if you end up getting one, Jason. I've got the TriNewt (sans wireless) coming, so we'll get to compare notes. I've heard good things about both lights, so I doubt either of us will be disappointed.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Bruce Brown said...

Thanks, Matt. I guess for us "wookies", the new frame removes enough of the flex from the prior frame design to make the upgrade count.

What's the largest size tire you've been able to cram in the rear of your orange peelz Dos? I've got a pair of the new Racing Ralph 2.4's, but the wife has them wrapped and under the tree so I can't get to them to see if in dry conditions it would work on the rear.

MG said...

hmmm... i think an exiwolf is the biggest thing i've tried back there. man, i want a set of those racing ralphs though. those things are sweet!!!

it's gonna' be a merry christmas at the brown house!