Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fortunate or Crazy? You Decide...

I found out late last night that the Website is paying my entry fee for the 24 Hours of Landahl this Saturday, in return for me acting as a rider/journalist for their site. So even though I thought my mountain bike season was over, it continues for one more week.

Luckily I talked Laura into going down with me to help me out... because clearly I'm gonna' need it.

If I had any common sense, I'd be wondering what the heck I've gotten myself into, but as it is, I'm pretty stoked. I've just got to get my light situation sorted, as I've only got one battery for my Niterider light... Anyone??? Anyone???

We'll be racing from Noon Saturday to Noon Sunday...


cvo said...

yeah, I've got a battery for ya. you just gotta come over and get it.

MG said...

AWESOME! Thanks CVO! I'll give ya' a shout and we'll figure it out.

Thanks again!!!


Emily said...

crazy, fortunately.

Bruce Brown said...

Congrats on the 12 hour win at Manawa, Matt!

You can borrow my NiteRider battery pack, but I'm not exactly on your way from Lincoln to Landahl. The good news is the NiteRider truck is going to be there at the race. Maybe they will let you "borrow" one during the race while yours is charging up on their quick chargers. It's a possibility and I know you can sweet talk your way into a loaner.

Have a great race and Dos us proud!

MG said...

so true, so true... you know me emily.

thanks bruce. i'm all set, i think. i've got cvo's entire niterider hid system, which is identical to mine. i'll also have jp's minewt on my bars, and the whole charging system in the subie. hopefully i don't burn it all down...

the dos is finely tuned tonight. ready for battle. the el mariachi is sportin' 34/20 SS to back 'er up.

my challenge will be to not go out too hard, like my xc racing roots have me prone to doing. smooth and easy... that's how i'm gonna' do the first hours of the race. good luck, 'eh?

we'll see what happens. i appreciate y'all's support. a double contraction -- only in Nebraska.

Emily said...

a possessive contraction, actually. doesn't your wife teach English?

debaser said...

Can't wait to hear about this one. I hear it's all about nutrition - eating everything you can as the hours burn on.

Good luck! Kill it out there!

VeloCC said...

MG you are fortunately crazy and crazily fortunate:)

You rode so strong at Manawa, you can do Landahl.

Great, that Laura will "pitt" for you.

Good luck and kick some butt!!

VeloCC said...

Oh, could you do me a favor, while you are at Landahl?

I won the Heartland Series, but never got my medal.
(Martin got a medal as well, but I have no clue in what category)
I raced Beginner Women.

Would you ask them, what they do with them? Maybe give to you???

That would be awesome:)

Adrian_O said...