Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cookin' Up a Casseroll for Mrs. G...

Here it is - Laura's new Salsa Casseroll...

Oh yeah, those dropouts are sexy, baybeeee!! It'll run single, geared... whatever.

Nitto moustache bars -- comfort and style -- perhaps the perfect handlebar
Shimano Dual Control -- ten on the right; three on the left... you do the math.

Amy approves...

Clean welds, with full rack and fender mounts.

Salsa's building two complete Casseroll bicycles for 2008 -- a singlespeed and a triple/touring bike somewhat similiar to the bike I just built for Laura. Check 'em out on their Website: Casseroll Triple / Casseroll Single.

Tomorrow I'll have pictures of JP's new Salsa LaCruz disc-specific steel 'cross frameset. He was lucky enough to score a preproduction frameset before they're actually available, and man, is it SWEET!

I love bikes...



debaser said...

Haven't we heard this before? "Here's your sweet new bike Mrs. G (that happens to fit me to a t!)."

Nice ride Matt, hope Laura loves it and never lets you have a chance!

Butcher said...

Nice to see it finished. It was almost done when I was down there.

Can't wait to see tha La Cruz. I may have to make some modifications to mine when I see it.

Now, just like my wife says. Don't take my bike apart anymore. I know you like to switch parts around. Leave hers alone!

MG said...

hahaha... i haven't even pedaled it yet. she gets the maiden voyage on it, and every subsequent trip. if i want a casseroll, i have to get my own. that's her bike, 100-percent. i built it for her, based on what she told me she wanted.

we were going to build the la cruz friday night, but i just found out that i'm going to be doing the 24 hours of landahl on saturday, so that's gonna' be on-hold 'til after the race. more details on that to-come.

thanks for the comments guys. jason, thanks again for the super sweet frameset for laura. she's very happy right now.


mw said...

nice bike.
good luck this weekend. steady as she goes.

Justin said...

Salsa related question for you. I am about to order a new El Mar from MWC. This is the largest bike purchase I have ever made and will likely be keeping this bike for a very, very long time.

Have you had any problems with paint chips? Do you recommend taking any precautions and applying some sort of protection to areas that will be pelted with trail/road debris?

I dig the blog. Thanks.

MG said...

Hey Justin -- Congrats on the new bike. I haven't had a any problems with paint chips, but I do take precautions, including a cork chainstay protector and clear vinyl on the downtube, where it commonly gets sprayed by gravel by the front tire. the clear vinyl is stuff i get from mw -- he uses it on his soulcraft bikes. he got it from an auto parts place. i think 3m makes it for use on hoods as invisible masks or bras. you can probably get similar stuff at hobby lobby.

i absolutely love my el mariachi though, and i suspect you will too. let me know how it works out for you. lincoln's a small town -- i bet we'll be meeting soon.


pat said...

Hi -- looks like a great bike. Looking for something similar for my wife as she wants something a bit quicker on the tarmac than her MTB-with-slick. How do you get on with sti on the moustache bars like that? Seems like a good compromise between drops (which my wife doesnt really like) and flat bars, which dont have the best hand position.