Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday.... Will The Weather Hold Out???

At left are a couple examples of the awesome shots Annie got at Swanson this past Saturday. Check out the rest of 'em RIGHT HERE.

I wonder if the weather will hold out for tonight's Monkey Wrench ride? Right now, NOAA says it's 75 degrees F with 79 percent humidity. Yikes... At 7pm tonight, the chance of rain goes up to 74 percent.

I guess I'll pack a rain jacket... and ride my singlespeed. Yeah, that's the ticket. I'm bulletproof on that bike.

Hope to see you tonight!



redstone said...

Our Tues ride kicked ass. We only had 4 guys due to threatening skies. We ended up getting up the bmx track and halfway up Fudgepacker before it started raining. We finished up the last 1.5 night hours with lights and a steady rain. It was a great ride!

MG said...

nice dave. we had rain bearing down on us the entire ride, but it only actually rained on us as we rode back into town. the park stayed dry 'til we were outta' there.

it rained quite a bit last night, so i suspect it'll be pretty muddy in the park for the next few days. we got the last blast through before the storm.

with my commute, i got more than three hours of saddle time in yesterday -- pretty good for a tuesday. it's only gonna' be 78 degrees today, and laura's got a class in the pm, so i'm going to try and get out on the 'cross bike tonight.