Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2007 Psycowpath Series - Final Standings

I ended up fourth overall in the series -- not too bad. I'm having fun. That's the most important thing.



debaser said...

Nice job dude. Them's solid results.

Is it time for a vacation yet?

MG said...

thanks bryan. not sure if we'll make it back out there yet this season or not. i can always hope!


Mom said...

Way to go! Doing well and having fun. Can't beat it.

Hugs and love,


MG said...

Thanks Mom! Love you too!

mw said...

i kinda miss the SS series. maybe i'll jump back in next year if woodman and savery are going to do it again.

MG said...

i think the SS series missed you this year too mw. and somehow i suspect those guys will be back. woodman was talking tuesday night about how much he prefers racing singles.

do it. Do It! DO IT!!!!!

VeloCC said...

Good job mg:)

MG said...

Thanks Christine!!