Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tales of a Mid-Week Weekend...

July 3, 2007 -- A good day to be alive. This is the first of two stops on my way to Gretna, on the Mopac trail between Eagle and Elmwood.

Takin' a minute to absorb the full beauty of the day...

Platte River State Park in the distance. I was standing on the pedestrian bridge across the Platte, as I crossed over the river and started my final Northward leg of my journey. The river is stunning right now. Birds and other wildlife everywhere you look... Good stuff.

Serenity courtesy of Salsa Cycles...

In between storms... Amy doesn't like fireworks too much, so having to endure them two nights in a row was a lot for her to take.

Miranda, Melia and Amy doing what kids do best -- PLAY!

The 4th of July, 2007 -- a mid-week vacation... of sorts. Kind of a weird one at that. I didn't do the rides everyone else went on, but still had a great time.

Tuesday I rode up to Laura's parents' place near Gretna for their annual celebration -- 44 miles in 2:35:58, for a 17.1mph average speed... on my 1x9 mountain bike. It was sweet. Tailwind or crossing-tailwind the whole time. It was hot -- about 95 degrees -- but I couldn't help but hammer it out. I can still feel it in my legs today. Hopefully they'll come around for the race at Manawa Saturday.

Yesterday JP and I reconned Manawa. Saw Mike Resetar for the first time in quite a while -- good to see him. The trail is in pretty good shape but it's dry everywhere, with deep sand sections starting to sprout up in certain areas of the course.

Looks like the weather for Saturday's race will be 95 and sunny... It'll be hot, but I like the heat. I race well in the heat. If there's any month of the year that I can win races in, it's July. History says so, and I gotta' say I'm feeling good right now. We'll see if I can put it together this weekend... I believe I can.

Hope you had a great 4th of July too!!


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