Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Melia!!

My beautiful niece Melia is seven years old today!!



monkeygirl said...

such a beautiful little girl. Now is this a neice on your wifes side of the family, because I think I see a familial resemblance.

MG said...

Thanks monkeygirl... Melia is actually Laura's sister's daughter -- no blood relation.

She's a super special person to me though -- such a peaceful, kind, gentle and caring spirit. I'm very fortunate to have married into such an awesome family.

Have a great weekend!

monkeygirl said...

see what a genetic genius I am, its like I'm gifted at reading X and Y chromosomes. I thought completely this must have been what Laura looked like as a little girl, or at least pretty darn close. Of course I only have had the pleasure of meeting her the one time, more beers are in order though. Someday I have to finish that degree.

MG said...

oh i'm sure we'll all spend more time together regina... but not tonight.

i'm gonna chill at home and get ready to race at lake manawa tomorrow. our air conditioner got fixed today, so i'll even get a good night of sleep tonight! woohoo!!!


MG said...

... and laura's actually up in o-town. several of her best girlfriends from her early years are back in town. laura's probably trying on a bridesmaid dress as i type this, in fact!