Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Who's Buyin Friday???

Nope, that's not the latest acid washed fashion -- just my soggy pants.

... not I. Did you ride in today? I hope so.

And I hope y'all stayed drier than I did pedaling in. Got the downpour action when I was half-way to work. If I'd have been to work by 8am, I wouldn't have even gotten rained on.

Guess I shouldn't have been late, 'eh? Oh well. At least I didn't drive, so I'm still a beer consumer, not a beer buyer.

BTW - Look for a full review of my new Chili Con Crosso soon. The final piece arrived yesterday -- a 110mm x 10 degree Salsa Pro Scandium S.U.L. stem.

Without blowing my whole story, I will share that, when the stem came in to MWC yesterday, I immediately pulled it out of its (very nice fabric) bag and fondled it... It's by far the coolest forged stem I've ever seen. The finish is totally smooth, it's nice and light and it's got a ton of cool little details. Heck, I was so excited, I didn't even wait 'til home to install it on the CCC -- I had everything I needed at my office -- the beauty of only needing 4 and 5mm allen wrenches, and a little dabba grease to git 'er duuuhn...

Happy hump day. Do it justice.



gravy said...

I rode to work, brought a change of clothes. Forgot shoes though. I'm gonna have to aqua-sox it to Walgreens for lunch to get a father's day card.

MG said...

good thinking on the change of clothes. i wore pearl izumi running shoes, and apparently when combined with thin wool socks, they dry pretty quickly. they were dry before my jeans were.

gravy said...

Well, I walked over to the downtown post office. My change of clothes are now soaked.

Best layed plans...

MG said...

So true, my friend... so true.