Thursday, May 31, 2007

More CCC Love...

No car for me today... Just my new Chili Con Crosso and a beautiful day.

It was a nice day to ride a bike... Rolling back to work on L street after lunch. CCC is screaming "PEDAL HARDER! WE NEED TO GO FASTER!"

New True Temper AlphaQ CX fork on the CCC... Just what the Dr. ordered, I was quite frankly shocked at how smooth this fork rides. Where the old aluminum fork I originally installed felt stiffer than the rear-end of the bike, it's now balanced and smooooooooth.

Waitin' on a Salsa... Soon this Thomson will be replaced by a 110mm, 10 degree Salsa stem. The 46cm Bell Lap bars are on there though, and I like 'em. The drops have an awesome bend, a comfortable, secure grip and a short reach to the brake/shift levers.

Believe it or not, I'm actually already starting to think about cyclocross... As rainy as this year's been so far, it could end up being an epic 'cross season, and while I'm not a big fan of racing mountain bikes in the mud, I kinda' dig slip sliding through the mud on a 'cross course for a fun hour in the pain cave.

I've even been doing some running dismounts, and am already a big fan of the wide, comfortable rear section of the CCC's top tube. Where I used to be a fan of the top tube grab and lift, I think this bike could have me shouldering my ride more often. It doesn't hurt that it's just stupid light already, and there's not a 'special' part on the bike. It's just light and right.

Handling is very stable. I know this sounds kind of dumb, but one common test I give bikes is the 'slap shimmy' test, which basically goes like this: take the hands off the bars and with one hand (I usually use my right hand), slap the handlebar at the end while traveling at approximately 13-15mph. Observe the severity and duration of the shimmy the slap induces in the front wheel. If no shimmy occurs, continue slapping, then punching the bar until I either get it to shimmy or give up.

I gave up.

It doesn't shimmy. Can't shimmy. Won't shimmy. Yet it doesn't handle like a tank... Amazing. JP saw the whole thing Wednesday night when I gave it 'the test'. He's seen me do it before. Frankie was probably thinking I was insane... but whatever.

So yeah, I like my new Chili Con Crosso. It fits me great, rides like a thoroughbred, handles with poise and composure and is lighter than almost every other bike I've owned. Sweet... Thanks Salsa Cycles!


Adrian_O said...

Can I dip my chip in that salsa? NICE!

gravy said...

I'm against that sort a domestique violence.

Don't be slapping yer gear in public.

redstone said...

Does that fork have the star nut plug that you have to epoxy in place? HOpe not.

mw said...

commuting is good.

MG said...

it does dave. is that a problem?

don't worry, it's the right length.