Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend... Lyons Fat Tire Fest

From the look of things on FFL, it seems the 12-Hour at Branched Oak went off very well and a lot of people had fun. Laura and I made the trek out to Lyons, Colorado for a few days riding and partying with friends from Nebraska, Colorado and other places. Laura did the Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day, and afterwards we had a great brunch with the Chase and Birchard families (thanks guys), and we embarked on the long ride home.

All in all, it was a fantastic few days away from "real life." Here's some selected shots from Saturday's ride and post-ride party:
Our fearless leader -- Dave Chase -- and fellow visiting Nebraskan Jim Fobben consult the map on the ride Saturday.

Is that Daverill?! It sure is. We had Todd Sieler on the ride too, but I haven't seen a picture of him surface from the ride. Photo: J. Perl

Transplanted Nebraskan Bryan Ganzel gave this weekend's riding a big thumbs-up. Photo: J. Perl

This is why I ride. Photo: D. Chase/Redstone Cyclery

Gravity Dropper -- Jill crushes the climbs. Just ask any of the 41 others on Saturday's ride (myself included). She out-climbed us all! It was very cool to witness, and she was fun to ride and chat with too. Photo: J. Perl

This will get a party started. Notice there's only about an inch of Tequila left at the bottom... Yeah, we had fun. Photo: J. Perl

... but in the end, I'm still a coffee guy. Hanging in the garage Saturday night. Photo: J. Perl

THANK YOU to Dave and Mary, and to everyone who made the 2007 Lyons Fat Tire Fest the awesome celebration of off-road cycling that it was. I can't wait 'til next year!



sda said...

"Is that Daverill"

"yeah, but I hardly recongised him ... whats up with the gut?"

that was fun mange, good to see you.

redstone said...

thanks for coming out, y'all. It was great having the old time gang around. We'll do it up even harder next year!

MG said...

it was great to see, hang and ride with both of you guys too.

sda, i like the mountain man look you're sportin' right now. it suits you well... and i didn't see any gut either. you need to fix your mirror. ;-}

and i look forward to our attempt next year to top the fun we had this year. count me in!

keep the rubber side down brothers.


Melis said...

Sorry I missed you man, had responsibility elswhere. We have to catch up at some point. I'm in for a full cross season...

MG said...

hey melis -- thanks for the message. your absence at this year's fat tire fest was definitely noticed by many, but i bet angel fire was fun.

i look forward to catching up with you on your adventures soon, and hopefully we'll get to do some 'cross racing together this season too. that'd be extra sweet.


mw said...

i need to make this event again!

MG said...

yeah you do... we rode some awesome stuff, and a lot of it was totally new to me.

mmm mmm good...